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Gender Reveal Baby Shower: Tips and Ideas

Updated September 25, 2023

Organizing a baby shower is a heartwarming journey filled with anticipation and joy.

Having a Gender Reveal Baby Shower adds a layer of excitement and surprise to the celebration!

It’s a beautiful way to share the joy of discovering the gender of the upcoming bundle of joy with your loved ones.

In this guide, we’ll delve into imaginative ideas to intertwine the gender reveal with the baby shower festivities, ensuring a memorable and enchanting experience for all.

So, let’s embark on this joyful venture of creating a Gender Reveal Baby Shower filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments!


can i do the baby shower and gender reveal together


A gender reveal party is a great opportunity to bring your loved ones together to celebrate your pregnancy and the impending arrival of your little one.

It’s a chance to share the excitement with those closest to you and to receive their love and support.


Table of Contents

Gender Reveal at Baby Shower: Tips and Ideas

Key Takeaways:

  • Hosting a gender reveal at your baby shower can add extra excitement and anticipation to the celebration.
  • There are many unique and creative ideas for gender reveal, from surprise activities to personalized gestures.
  • Planning is essential for a successful gender reveal, including decorations and invitations.
  • Games and activities are a fun way to engage your guests and create an atmosphere of joy and anticipation.
  • The big moment of unveiling the surprise should be suspenseful and memorable.
  • Combining your baby shower and gender reveal is an economical option if you are on a tight budget.


Can I do the baby shower and gender reveal together?

Yes, you can have a gender reveal at your baby shower!

Combining your gender reveal and baby shower is a budget-friendly way to celebrate the impending arrival of your baby and to announce the baby’s gender. 


Why Incorporate a Gender Reveal?

Budget-Friendly: Combining Costs: Hosting a gender reveal and a baby shower separately can be costly.

By merging them, you combine expenses, making it a more budget-friendly baby shower.

You’ll be purchasing decorations, and food, and possibly renting a venue only once.


Convenience for Guests: Less Travel: For family and friends who live far away or might have a busy schedule, attending two separate events can be taxing.

A combined event means they only need to travel and set aside time once, making it more convenient and increasing the likelihood of their attendance.


Maximizing Time: One Grand Celebration: Instead of spreading out the celebrations, you have one grand event where all the love, excitement, and festivities are condensed.

This can be especially advantageous if you or your partner have a tight work schedule or other commitments.


Seasonal Considerations: Weather and Timing: Depending on where you live, certain times of the year might not be conducive to hosting events, especially outdoor ones.

If you’re pregnant during winter, you might prefer to host just one indoor event rather than two.


gender reveal baby shower


Trendy and Unique: Modern Twist: Combining a baby shower with a gender reveal is a contemporary approach that many modern parents-to-be are adopting.

It offers a fresh take on traditional celebrations and can make your event stand out.


Streamlined Planning: Simplified Organizing: Planning one event instead of two reduces the tasks on your checklist.

There’s only one date to choose, one venue to book, one set of invitations to send out, and one menu to decide on.

This can significantly reduce the stress and time associated with event planning.


Unified Theme and Decor: Consistent Aesthetics: Merging the two events allows for a consistent theme and decor.

You can cleverly weave the gender reveal aspect into the broader baby shower theme, creating a harmonious and cohesive aesthetic.


Building Anticipation: Double the Excitement: The combined event will naturally have a heightened sense of anticipation.

After celebrating the impending arrival of the baby, the climax of revealing the baby’s gender can be the cherry on top, making the day even more memorable.


More Gifts for the Baby: Practicality for Parents-to-be: Having both events together might mean guests bring gifts that cater to the revealed gender, allowing for more specific and potentially useful presents.


Eco-Friendly: Less Waste: Hosting one event instead of two can reduce the environmental footprint, from the paper used in invitations to the decorations and even the carbon emissions from guests traveling to your venue.


gender reveal baby shower


Planning the Gender Reveal

Planning a gender reveal that intertwines seamlessly with your baby shower involves some careful consideration.

Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of planning this special reveal!

Selecting a Date and Time

Choosing the right time during your baby shower for the gender reveal is crucial.

It’s a balancing act – you want this moment to be a shining star, yet not eclipse the other beautiful moments planned for the day.

Picture this: the gentle buzzing of excitement as the baby shower unfolds, with the gender reveal capping off the joyful event.

It could be after a delightful meal, where everyone is relaxed, and mingled well, and the anticipation has built up to the perfect crescendo.

It is best to have the gender reveal towards the end of your baby shower. 

You don’t want it to overshadow the baby shower and if there are guests who don’t want to be there for the gender reveal they won’t feel out of place and will have an opportunity to leave beforehand.


gender reveal baby shower ideas


Choosing a Venue

Picking the right venue is next on the list.

You might prefer keeping the location the same as the baby shower venue to maintain a cohesive atmosphere, ensuring the gender reveal transitions smoothly from the other festivities.

The easiest thing you can do for your guests is to hold the gender reveal in the same location as the baby shower.

I have been invited to baby showers where the gender reveal was held at another location and it has made it really inconvenient to attend both.

Keep them in the same place to keep it simple and convenient. 


Inviting Guests

Crafting those invitations with all the essential details yet infused with a personal touch is the way to go.

Be it a sweet rhyme or a hint of the theme, let’s get your guests buzzing with excitement right from the get-go!

And here’s a fun idea – how about turning the invitation into a little guessing game?

Prompt your guests to showcase their guesses by wearing pink or blue, creating a colorful tapestry of anticipation as they walk in.

It adds a playful element and gets everyone involved when they receive their invites!

Remember, planning a gender reveal is all about building up to that one magical moment of joy and surprise.

It’s a personal journey, a shared joy, and a collective anticipation that makes the event not just a reveal, but a cherished memory for years to come.

I’ve been to gender reveal parties where they included either a big or blue ribbon in the invitation to be worn to the event as a way to cast their vote for which gender the baby is. 

It is an extra step in the invite process but is a fun way to spark excitement for the baby shower and gender reveal celebration.


Gender Reveal Preparation Timeline

Initiate your gender reveal planning about 90 days in advance, beginning with a brainstorming session on themes and potential guests.

This period is also ideal for hunting down the perfect invitations. At the 60-day mark, send out those invitations with all essential details—date, time, and venue.

If a virtual reveal appeals to you, get tech-savvy and start testing the platforms you’ll be using.

With a month to go, the excitement becomes palpable.

Delve into menu selections, engage with caterers if you’re not self-catering, and secure those gender-reveal essentials like cakes, balloons, or confetti, along with themed decorations.

At the two-week threshold, RSVPs should give a clearer picture of your guest list, allowing you to start crafting any DIY decorations or favors.

With a week to go, double-check all arrangements, ensuring everything needed for the gender reveal is safely stored and ready to wow your guests.

The day before, begin setting up your venue, decorating, and doing a run-through of the reveal to ensure smooth sailing. Finally, the awaited day arrives.

Today is all about savoring the moment and creating beautiful memories, with a structured flow of events culminating in the much-anticipated gender reveal.


gender reveal baby shower cakes


Choosing a baby shower gender reveal theme

1. Garden Blossom Theme:

Transform your venue into a beautiful garden with flowers, greenery, and delicate fairy lights.

You could have a “blossoming” reveal where a large flower opens up to reveal pink or blue petals.


2. Beach or Nautical Theme:

Decorate with shades of blue, sand, seashells, and beach balls.

You could have a treasure chest buried in a sandbox, and the parents-to-be can dig it up to find a pink or blue treasure inside.

A creative gender reveal I witnessed was at a beach-themed baby shower.

The couple had prepared a sandcastle with a hidden compartment.

When the time came, they opened the compartment to reveal a pair of tiny blue flip-flops, announcing the arrival of a baby boy.

It was a beautiful blend of creativity and personal touch, making the event truly special.


3. Storybook Theme:

Decorate the venue to resemble a whimsical storybook setting, with famous characters and scenes from beloved children’s books.

For the gender reveal, you could have a large book that, when opened, reveals a pop-up of a prince or princess, indicating the gender.


4. Carnival or Fair Theme:

Create a fun fair atmosphere with games, popcorn, cotton candy, and carousel music.

I would have a balloon dart game where popping a balloon reveals pink or blue confetti for the gender reveal.


5. Animal Safari Theme:

Decorate with animal prints, jungle foliage, and cute safari animals.

A sweet idea would be to have a large safari-themed box that, when opened, releases pink or blue balloons or confetti into the air at the end of the baby shower to reveal the gender.


Baby Shower Gender Reveal Menu Ideas

When planning a baby shower gender reveal menu you should take into account the time of day the shower will occur, the season, the venue, and the mother-to-be’s dietary preferences at minimum.

You can hold a baby shower brunch, an outdoor baby shower, a fall baby shower, a winter baby shower, spring or summer baby shower, and your menu planning will be different based on timing, season, and venue. 

Here are 5 easy menu options for blending a gender reveal seamlessly into your baby shower:

1. Color-Revealing Cupcakes:

Bake cupcakes with a colored center (pink or blue) to reveal the gender when bitten into. 

You can have a variety of flavors to cater to different tastes and decorate the tops with neutral or mixed colors to keep the surprise.

baby shower gender reveal mystery cupcakes


2. Mystery Punch:

Create a clear or neutral-colored punch, and provide color-changing ice cubes or straws.

When guests add ice or sip through the straws, the punch changes color to pink or blue, revealing the gender.


3. Stuffed Pastries:

Offer a variety of pastries like empanadas or puff pastries filled with colored cream cheese or dyed meats/vegetables.

When guests bite into them, they’ll discover the color indicating their gender.


4. Dip Dye Station:

Set up a station with a variety of dips and sauces along with neutral-colored foods like crackers, breadsticks, or white chocolate-covered strawberries.

Have one special dip or sauce that, when stirred or poured, reveals a pink or blue color.


5. Colorful Salad Bar:

Create a salad bar with a variety of fresh veggies, fruits, and toppings. Include a special dressing that, when drizzled, changes color to reveal the gender.

You could use a pH-sensitive ingredient like red cabbage juice that changes color when mixed with acidic or alkaline dressings.


Fun and Games – Gender Reveal Style

Turn your gender reveal into a grand festival of fun and games!

Here are a few game-stoppers that will have everyone in splits:

  • Gender Prediction Pool: An exciting betting station for guests to place their bets — team pink or team blue?

Baby Predictions Baby Shower Game Printable Cards Baby
Baby Predictions Baby Shower Game Printable Cards Baby

from: Etsy 


  • Old Wives’ Tales Quiz: Get everyone laughing with a quiz that tests the oldest gender prediction tales.

Gender Reveal Wives Tales Wives Tales Game Downloadable
Gender Reveal Wives Tales Wives Tales Game Downloadable

from: Etsy 


  • Baby Bottle Chug: Break the ice with a baby bottle chug contest — the fastest finisher wins!

Bottle Chug Game A Baby is Brewing Game Baby Shower Game
Bottle Chug Game A Baby is Brewing Game Baby Shower Game

from: Etsy 

At my best friend’s gender reveal, a friendly bet was placed among the family members.

Everyone put in a dollar with their guess on the baby’s gender. When the reveal showed it was a boy, the pot was donated to a children’s charity.

It was a fun way to engage everyone and also contributed to a good cause, making the event memorable and meaningful.


Decoration Ideas

Bring your gender reveal party to life with decorations that keep the surprise going till the last minute.

Try these tips:

  • Color Confusion: Opt for a pink and blue theme or keep it neutral to maintain the mystery.
  • Balloon Wonderland: Make a statement with garlands made from pink and blue balloons paired with fresh green foliage.
  • Themed Centerpieces: Tease the big reveal subtly with centerpieces that echo the baby theme in pink and blue hints.


Dress Code

Encourage guests to showcase their predictions through their outfits. Here’s how:

  • Accessorize: For those not keen on going all out, suggest accessories in pink or blue.
  • Play with Prints: Encourage guests to play with patterns and textures, bringing a fun twist to the dress code.
  • Twinning is Winning: Suggest families or couples to come in coordinated outfits, adding a harmonious vibe to your event.

But make sure your guests know this is completely optional!


Capturing the Magic

Make sure to capture the vibrant and joyous moments of your day. Here’s how to do it with flair:

  • Group Photos: Picture the colorful spectacle with all the ‘team pink’ and ‘team blue’ guests grouped together.
  • Photo Booth Fun: Set up a booth with props in pink and blue, encouraging guests to strike their wackiest poses.

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Print Yourself Photo Booth Props
Gender Reveal Baby Shower Print Yourself Photo Booth Props

from: Etsy 


Invitation Excitement

Your invitations can be the first spark of excitement for your gender reveal baby shower party.

Here’s how you can ignite the thrill right from the start:

  • Design: Add elements that play into your gender reveal theme. Consider using a mystery silhouette or playful icons to hint at the fun to come.
  • Wordplay: Get creative with the wording, crafting rhymes or riddles that tease the gender reveal without giving anything away.
  • Interactive Elements: Engage your guests with interactive elements like scratch cards or QR codes revealing a teaser video message.

Editable Gender Neutral Bear Baby Shower Invitation Bundle We
Editable Gender Neutral Bear Baby Shower Invitation Bundle We

from: Etsy 


Capturing the Moment

As the saying goes, “Pics or it didn’t happen!”

Ensure you capture all the joyous moments perfectly, and here’s how:

  • Professional Touch: Consider bringing in a pro to capture all the beautiful moments with finesse.
  • DIY Photo Booth: Set up a themed photo booth for some fun and frolic.
  • Video Memories: Capture the dynamic moments in a video to cherish forever.


Thank You Favors

Send your guests home with a piece of the joyous occasion. Here are some favorite ideas to get you started:

  • Themed Goodie Bags: Craft goodie bags in line with your theme, filled with treats and personalized items.
  • Craft Station: Let your guests unleash their creativity and craft a keepsake to remember the day.
  • Plantable Gifts: Offer a green memory with plantable gifts, a representation of growth and new beginnings.

Assorted Succulent Plants & Silver Metal Buckets Perfect for
Assorted Succulent Plants & Silver Metal Buckets Perfect for

from: Etsy 


Gender Reveal Ideas

I’ve brought together a basket full of fabulous ideas that could set the stage for that magical moment.

Cake – The Sweetest Reveal

Picture this: a beautiful cake gracing the table, everyone gathered around with bated breath as you make that first cut, revealing a heartwarming pink or blue center.

Oh, the cheers and the hugs that follow!

It’s classic yet always a hit. And the themes?

How about a playful “Waddle it be?” or a sweet note from a popular nursery rhyme to add that extra sparkle?


Cake Design Ideas Description
Hidden Colors Cake This design has a neutral exterior with either blue or pink frosting hidden inside the cake so that the gender is only revealed once it’s cut.
Surprise Cake A surprise cake has either blue or pink candy or sprinkles on the inside, which spills out once the cake is cut.
Multiple Layer Cake This design can incorporate multiple layers of cake, each with different frosting colors, to create a unique and colorful gender reveal.
Topper Cake A topper cake has a small cake on top that is decorated with either blue or pink frosting to reveal the gender.

gender reveal baby shower


Balloons – A Burst of Joy

Imagine a box bursting open to release a cluster of pink or blue balloons into the sky, or a bouquet of balloons carrying messages, or maybe even your favorite Disney character?

Balloons bring in an element of joyous surprise and a vibrant “Stashes or Lashes” theme could just be the vibrant burst of joy your party needs!


Piñatas – Swing into the Surprise

The suspense as everyone takes a turn to hit the piñata, the gasps, the laughs, and finally, a shower of pink or blue confetti or candies announcing the big secret; sounds fun, doesn’t it?

It’s a joyous way to get everyone involved and the centerpiece of excited conversations for days to come!


Scratch-Off Cards – A Personal Touch

Handing out scratch-off cards to your guests, witnessing their excitement as they reveal the color underneath brings in a personal touch to the reveal.

And the design on the cards could be anything close to your heart – a cute “Rubber Duckie” theme or a nod to your favorite sports team.

It’s your canvas to play with!


10 He or She Gender Reveal Party Scratch off Card Baby

 10 He or She Gender Reveal Party Scratch off Card Baby
from: Etsy 


Puzzle – Bringing Everyone Together

What better way to bring everyone together than a puzzle that slowly reveals the big news?

It’s a joyful journey to the revelation, fostering unity and collective anticipation as pieces come together to share the wonderful secret with a vibrant pink or blue design.


Picture Ideas – Let Your Imagination Run Wild

With pictures, you dive into a world of limitless creativity.

Whether it’s a fun “What Will It Bee?” banner, announcing the news through your pet’s “Big Brother” shirt, or perhaps a playful picture with a lightsaber; the options are limitless, and each one guarantees smiles, laughter, and a memorable snapshot of joy!


Volcano Eruption – A Blast of Colors

Create a little mountainous structure and use baking soda and vinegar along with the desired color to create a mini volcano eruption revealing gender.

It’s not only spectacular to watch but adds a dramatic flair to the occasion!


Fortune Cookies – A Sweet Whisper

Arrange for customized fortune cookies that contain a little slip revealing the gender of the baby inside.

It’s a sweet, crunchy whisper of the joyous news as each guest cracks open their cookie to reveal the secret.


It's A Girl Fortune Cookie Baby Announcement Baby
It’s A Girl Fortune Cookie Baby Announcement Baby

from: Etsy 


Paint Canvas Reveal – Artistic Joy

Hand over a canvas and some paintbrushes or even squirt guns filled with pink or blue paint to the parents-to-be.

As they paint or squirt the canvas, the color unveils the big news, leaving behind a beautiful piece of art that holds a special memory.


Book Reveal – A Literary Surprise

For the bibliophiles out there, craft a short fairytale-style storybook that narrates a delightful tale leading to the grand revelation on the last page.

It’s not just a reveal but a keepsake to cherish forever.


Candle Reveal – A Soft Glow

Create or order candles with a wick that, when burnt, melts the candle revealing a pink or blue colored wax pool.

It’s a soft, glowing way to discover the joyful secret as you light up the pathway for the new one.


Gender Reveal Candle Soy Wax Candle Scented Candle
Gender Reveal Candle Soy Wax Candle Scented Candle

from: Etsy 


Plant a Tree – An Eco-Friendly Reveal

Turn your gender reveal into a green event by planting a tree.

You could wrap the trunk with pink or blue ribbons or even hang a colored ornament from one of the branches to share the news as you plant a sapling, promising a greener future for your child.


Magic Show – A Magical Reveal

Invite a magician to your baby shower and plan a magic trick that culminates in the grand reveal, adding a touch of mystery and a magical glow to your special day.


Customized Jewelry – A Token of Love

Gift your close family members customized jewelry pieces such as bracelets or necklaces with pink or blue stones that reveal their gender, turning the event into a sweet and precious memory.


Musical Reveal – Harmonious Surprise

Have a small band or musical ensemble perform a specially crafted song that, through its lyrics, reveals the gender of the baby, bringing a harmonious surprise to the celebration.


Gender Reveal Puzzle Basswood Lasered Jigsaw Puzzle
Gender Reveal Puzzle Basswood Lasered Jigsaw Puzzle

from: Etsy


Incorporating the Gender Reveal into the Baby Shower

Bringing a gender reveal into your baby shower can be the cherry on top of an already delightful celebration!

There are countless creative ways to weave this special announcement into your event, ensuring a moment filled with joy, surprise, and beautiful memories.

Here are some ideas and safety tips to guide you in crafting that unforgettable moment:


Safety First

While we’re all for fun and surprises, safety takes the front seat.

Though fireworks or smoke signals might sound spectacular, they come with safety risks.

Let’s channel the excitement into safer alternatives that offer joy without jeopardy.

Think balloons popping with confetti or silly string painting the air with the big reveal; magical yet secure.



gender reveal at baby shower



  1. Do Choose a Cohesive Theme
    • Do integrate the gender reveal into the baby shower theme: Make sure the gender reveal aspect naturally fits into the broader theme of your baby shower to create a harmonious and cohesive event.
    • Do consider your interests and hobbies: While choosing a theme, consider your and your partner’s interests and hobbies to add a personal touch to the event.
  2. Do Communicate Clearly
    • Do inform guests about the combined event: Clearly communicate to your guests that the baby shower will include a gender reveal to manage expectations accordingly.
    • Do provide details in the invitation: Be sure to include all necessary details in the invitation, specifying the nature of the event and any particular requests or guidelines (such as a dress code) to allow guests to prepare properly.
  3. Do Include Everyone
    • Do offer alternatives for those who can’t attend: Set up a virtual stream for those who can’t attend in person to make sure everyone can be part of the celebration.
    • Do involve guests in activities: Create games and activities that involve all your guests to foster a fun and inclusive atmosphere.
  4. Do Capture the Moments
    • Do set up a photo booth: Arrange a designated area for capturing photos, stocked with props related to the baby and gender reveal theme, encouraging guests to take home memorable snapshots from the event.
    • Do hire a professional photographer: Consider bringing in a professional to capture high-quality photos of the special moments, including the big reveal.


  1. Don’t Pressure Anyone
    • Don’t force anyone to participate in the gender reveal: Understand that not everyone may be comfortable participating in a gender reveal and give them the space to choose their level of involvement.
  2. Don’t Overcomplicate
    • Don’t overdo the gender reveal: While it’s a special moment, it is part of the larger celebration. Keep it fun and simple to ensure a smooth flow of events.
    • Don’t burden yourself with too many DIY tasks: While DIY elements can add a personal touch, taking on too many tasks can become overwhelming. Balance it out with ready-made items to save time and energy.
  3. Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute
    • Don’t procrastinate: Start planning well in advance to ensure you have everything ready for the big day without any last-minute hassles.
    • Don’t forget to check the technology: If you are including virtual attendees, ensure all technological setups are tested and working well in advance to avoid glitches on the day.



Q: How can I plan a gender reveal at my baby shower?

A: Planning a gender reveal at your baby shower is an exciting idea.

Start by deciding on a theme or concept for the reveal, and then work on incorporating it into the decorations, invitations, and activities.

You can also consider involving your guests in the reveal, such as through interactive games or surprise moments.


Q: Are there any unique gender reveal ideas for a baby shower?

A: Absolutely! If you want to go beyond traditional gender reveal methods, you can try activities like balloon pops, confetti cannons, or scratch-off cards.

Another idea is to have a themed photo booth where guests can take pictures with props representing their guesses for the baby’s gender.


Q: What are some fun games and activities for a gender reveal baby shower?

A: There are plenty of fun games and activities you can incorporate into your gender reveal baby shower.

One popular game is “Guess the Gender,” where guests can write down their guesses and see who gets it right.

Another idea is to create a DIY gender prediction chart based on old wives’ tales and have guests make their predictions.

Get creative and make the games interactive and enjoyable for everyone!


Q: How can I make my gender reveal decorations unique?

A: To make your gender reveal decorations unique, consider using a color theme associated with the baby’s gender.

You can incorporate this color into the table settings, balloons, banners, and even the cake.

Personalized touches, such as customized banners or signs, can also add an extra special element to your decor.


Q: What are some trendy gender-reveal cake designs?

A: Gender reveal cakes have become increasingly popular, and there are many trendy designs to choose from.

Some ideas include cakes with a hidden colored filling, ombre cakes with both pink and blue layers or cakes with a question mark design on the outside.

The key is to keep the design mysterious and build anticipation for the big reveal.


Q: How can I create an exciting gender reveal party at my baby shower?

A: To create an exciting gender reveal party, you can come up with a unique theme or concept for the event.

For example, you could have a “What Will It Bee?” theme with bee-themed decorations and activities.

Consider incorporating interactive elements like a photo booth or a DIY craft station to keep guests engaged and entertained throughout the party.


Q: How can I make the big moment of the gender reveal unforgettable?

A: The big moment of the gender reveal is undoubtedly a highlight of the baby shower.

To make it unforgettable, you can get creative with how you unveil the surprise.

Consider using props like a large box filled with balloons that float out when opened, or have a loved one reveal the gender with a surprise announcement.

The key is to create an element of surprise and anticipation for all involved.




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