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10 Adorable Pet Crafts for Kids

Updated May 10, 2024

Pets are loads of fun already.

Most kids love pets, theirs or others.

But loading up on pets can get complicated.

That’s where this list of 8 pet crafts for kids comes in handy.


pet crafts for kids


10 Adorable Pet Crafts for Kids

Paper Bag Pug Puppet by The Inspiration Edit

Pugs are extremely popular dogs as pets.

This template will allow parents to turn any paper bag into a fun little pug to play with.

pet crafts for kids


Paper Plate Moving Eyes Cat Craft by Kids Craft Room

This pet craft is such a neat idea.

The paper plate cat craft is already very cute, but being able to move the eyes back and forth makes it even more fun to play with.

pet crafts for kids


31 Cute Puppy Coloring Pages by Artsy Pretty Plants

The next craft is a large number of puppy coloring pages.

Kids can use imagination and creativity to color all the different puppies. 

pet crafts for kids


Paper Plate Fish Craft by Honey + Lime

Clownfish have skyrocketed in popularity, becoming one of the top saltwater pets of all time.

These fun paper plate crafts are much more inexpensive and easier to care for, too.

pet crafts for kids


Paper Plate Horse Craft by Beth Ann Averill 

Another paper plate craft here, this horse is a great project for kids.

Some paint and construction paper can yield a really well-made horse.

pet crafts for kids


Black Cat Craft by Crafting Jeannie 

This cat craft produces some really cute-looking cats in a few varieties.

Even better, it includes a free template, to it’s easy to make multiples if desired.

pet crafts for kids


Border Collie Magnets by Bunny’s Garden

Here is another dog craft that is pretty easy to make.

What sets this apart is that the main materials are seashells.

pet crafts for kids


10 Clever DIY Pretend Pet Play Ideas by Barley & Birch

Finally, we have not one, but 10 different pet play products.

Kids can make homes for all sorts of pets with these crafts.

pet crafts for kids


Paper Plate Turtle Craft For Kids by Maternity Comfort Solutions

Easy and fun paper plate turtle craft your kids will love!

Torn paper fine motor activity that makes a fun summer rainy day project for toddlers and preschoolers!

turtle craft


Safety Tips For Parents

  1. Choose Non-Toxic Materials: Always check that all materials—like paints, glues, and markers—are labeled non-toxic. This is super important because we all know how little ones tend to put things in their mouths!
  2. Supervise Use of Scissors: If your craft involves cutting, make sure to use child-safe scissors and keep a close eye on your kiddos as they use them. It’s all about helping them learn safely!
  3. Watch Out for Small Parts: Crafts with small parts can be a choking hazard for younger children. It’s best to opt for larger pieces or make sure that tiny items are used only under strict supervision.
  4. Clean and Clear Workspace: Keep your crafting area free of clutter and any sharp or breakable objects. A tidy space not only helps prevent accidents but also makes crafting more enjoyable.
  5. Be Prepared for Messes: Have some wipes and aprons ready. Crafts can get messy, and it’s all part of the fun. Quick clean-ups help keep everyone happy and stress-free.


kid's craft area


Additional Pet Activities For Toddlers and Preschoolers

  1. Pet Matching Game:
    • Create a set of cards with pictures of different pets and their matching items, like a dog and a leash, a cat and a ball of yarn, etc. Kids can have fun matching each pet with its favorite item, which helps develop memory and recognition skills.
  2. Feed the Pet:
    • Use a large picture of a pet, like a cat or a dog, and cut out a mouth. Provide toddlers with small pompoms or pieces of paper to ‘feed’ the pet through the mouth. This activity is great for motor skills and can be a hit during playdates.
  3. Animal Walks:
    • Encourage children to move like different animals. They can hop like a bunny, waddle like a duck, or crawl like a puppy. This not only burns off energy but also helps children learn about different animal movements.
  4. Pet Vet Clinic:
    • Set up a pretend vet clinic where kids can take care of their stuffed animals. Provide them with bandages, a toy stethoscope, and a small box for a bed. This encourages imaginative play and teaches empathy and caring for others.
  5. Decorate a Pet Rock:
    • Let kids choose a rock and turn it into a pet with some paint and googly eyes. This craft allows for creativity and gives them a pet they can keep without any real maintenance.
  6. Pet Puzzle Making:
    • Print out pictures of various pets, glue them to cardboard, and cut them into pieces. Kids can enjoy putting their pet puzzles together, which is great for problem-solving skills.
  7. Sensory Bin with Animal Figures:
    • Fill a bin with items like sand, dry beans, or rice, and hide small animal figures inside. Give children tools like spoons or small nets to find and rescue the animals. Sensory play like this is not only fun but also beneficial for sensory development.
  8. Story Time with Puppet Show:
    • Use puppets of animals to tell stories. This can be an interactive way to read a pet-themed book or to create your own stories. Puppet shows are wonderful for sparking creativity and enhancing language skills.


pet crafts for kids


Pet Books For Toddlers And Preschoolers

Books are a fantastic way to round off the craft session with some quiet time. Here’s a list of engaging books for toddlers and preschoolers that tie in nicely with a pet theme:


pet crafts for kids




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