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15 Adorable Rainbow Crafts For Toddlers

Updated February 2, 2023

The spring and summer bring with them a wonderful opportunity for some bright, colorful crafts!

These 15 Rainbow Crafts for Toddlers are all lovely, super colorful, and easy enough for your toddlers to enjoy!


rainbow crafts for toddlers


With some pretty standard arts and crafts materials, you can make really impressive decorations and have plenty of fun with your toddler.

Whichever one you choose, you won’t be disappointed with the result!

All that being said, let’s get into the actual crafts!



rainbow crafts for toddlers


15 Rainbow Crafts For Toddlers


The spring and summer bring with them a wonderful opportunity for some bright, colorful crafts!

These 15 Rainbow Crafts for Toddlers are all lovely, super colorful, and easy enough for your toddlers to help out!

With some pretty standard arts and crafts materials, you can make really impressive decorations and have plenty of fun with your toddler.

Whichever one you choose, you won’t be disappointed with the result!

All that being said, let’s get into the actual crafts!


1. Pom Pom Rainbow Craft – Artsy Craftsy Mom

The first craft on this list is this super adorable Pom Pom Rainbow Craft!

A nice soft, simple craft project that is full of color and also a great opportunity to teach your toddler their colors!

If they aren’t quite ready to help in the actual assembly, it’s good to just let them help sort the pom poms too!


rainbow crafts for toddlers




2. Layered Felt Rainbow Magnet – Crafts By Amanda

Another soft, simple craft design, this Layered Felt Rainbow Magnet is a great choice!

Simple layering and a little magnet on the back make for a great fridge decoration that will make your toddlers super excited for spring.





3. Cardboard Tube Rainbow Blowers – Kids Craft Room

A great use for leftover cardboard tubes such as toilet paper or paper towel rolls, these Cardboard Tube Rainbow Blowers are a lovely craft idea for your toddler!

You can get plenty of fun out of blowing into them and making the rainbows fly, and they work great as hanging decorations as well!




4. DIY Cardboard Rainbow Mobile – Pink Stripey Socks

Another wonderful craft idea that functions as a hanging decoration, this DIY Cardboard Rainbow Mobile is super easy!

With some simple household materials, you can make a pretty seasonal decoration that moves beautifully in the wind.




5. Bubble Wrap Printed Rainbow – I Heart Crafty Things

If you’ve got some leftover bubble wrap, this idea is for you!

The paint transfers in a really unique pattern directly from the bubble wrap and makes things super easy.

Some cut-out clouds tie the whole thing together and you end up with an incredibly cute result!

Perfect for decorating their nursery or bedroom.





6. Fruit Loops Rainbow Craft – Hands On As We Grow

Another simple (and slightly delicious) craft for you and your toddler, this rainbow design incorporates fruit loops into great activity.

This craft is another one that’s really great to help teach your toddler colors, and you’ll likely want to sort the different ones out before starting!

Just make sure they don’t snack on too many before you actually start.

Once you’ve made the rainbow, use it to decorate a card or frame it for their wall.

Bonus points if you can get them to start counting the fruit loops too!

It’s sure to be a craft that your toddler will enjoy making and displaying.





7. Smiling Rainbow Paper Craft – Artsy Craftsy Mom

This cute Smiling Rainbow Paper Craft adds an extra bit of happiness to these activities!

Whether you’re doing it for craft time or for an extra bit of decoration, you can’t go wrong with these.

All you need is some construction paper and colored markers.

Let your toddler draw the faces on each of the rainbow pieces, then glue them together to form the smiling rainbow shape or use colorful pom-poms for a 3D effect.

Either way, it’s sure to brighten up any day!





8. Cloud and Raindrops Rainbow Craft – Crafts by Amanda

Yet another lovely hanging decoration, these Cloud and Raindrops Rainbow Crafts are super cute!

The clouds and rainbow raindrops work amazingly together, and your toddler will be so proud to see it hanging.

Simply print the template, cut out the pieces, and let your toddler glue them onto a colored piece of cardstock.

You can even add pom-poms to make it 3D or a bit of glitter for some sparkle! Whichever you choose, these clouds and raindrops are sure to light up any wall in your home





9. Rainbow Paper Plate Tambourine Craft – Kids Craft Room

A super cute and usable craft idea, these Rainbow Paper Plate Tambourines are so fun!

Your kids will definitely need help putting them together, but with a few simple materials, you’ll have a great time.

You’re sure to have a colorful, musical, and fun-filled spring or summer with these!



10. Super Cute Handprint Rainbow Craft – B-Inspired Mama

A St. Patrick’s Day-focused craft idea, these handprint pots of gold with rainbows are a great idea!

Reusing the wrappers from chocolate coins, some finger paint, and paper gives you a really lovely craft project.

If you’re looking for a fun and simple idea to make St Patrick’s Day a little more exciting, you can’t go wrong with this one.





11. How to Make a Zipper Toy For Toddlers – Swoodson Says

A fun craft idea that doubles as a toy, this rainbow zipper toy is a really unique idea!

Teaching your kids how to use zippers in a colorful package that fits the mold for rainbows perfectly.

This one is definitely a craft idea that requires more parental effort than most, but the result is wonderful!





12. Rainbow No-Sew Fleece Scarf – The Decorated Cookie

This super cute scarf is a slightly more difficult but absolutely lovely craft idea!

With all the colors of the rainbow and no sewing required, it’s hard to get much better than this.

Wear it, use it as decoration, or whatever you want!

Your toddler will absolutely love it.




13. Yarn Wrapped Cloud and Rainbow Craft – I Heart Crafty Things

A really unique arts and crafts idea, this Yarn Wrapped Cloud with rainbow clothespins is super cute!

As simple as painting some clothespins and wrapping yarn around some cardboard!

Your toddlers will love this craft project, and they learn some great motor skills from the clothespins and wrapping!




14. Paper Plate Rainbow Kids Craft – A Night Owl Blog

This Paper Plate Rainbow Kids Craft is one of the simpler options on the list but doesn’t let that fool you, it’s just as fun!

The cotton ball clouds and simple rainbow paper turn this paper plate into a simple, cute, and fun decoration.

The little ones will have a blast putting this together, and it’s a great way to spark creativity!

Plus, you’ll love the results. It’s sure to be a favorite craft of yours and your toddler’s!





15. Quilled Rainbow Craft -Artsy Craftsy Mom

One of the nicer options on this list, this Quilled Rainbow Craft looks amazing!

While it’s intended for St Patrick’s Day you can absolutely use this for any time.

This project might be better if your toddler is just there to watch or help organize things, as the coiling can take quite a bit of time!



What kind of crafts can a 2-year-old do?

There are many fun crafts that a 2-year-old can do!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Finger Painting – let your little one express their creativity with finger painting using non-toxic paint and paper.

2. Potato Stamps – cut potatoes in half and use them as stamps by dipping them in paint.

3. Bubble Wrap Printing – use bubble wrap to create colorful pictures by pressing the bubbly side onto paper and adding paint.

4. Hand Print Art – use a handprint as a canvas for your little one’s first art masterpieces

5. Toilet Paper Roll Crafts – let their imagination run wild with creative crafts made from toilet paper rolls.

6. Cardboard Crafts – use cardboard to create fun shapes and figures that are perfect for a 2-year-old’s artistic endeavors!

7. Paper Plate Weaving – weave colorful strips of paper through a paper plate to create unique rainbow designs.

8. Color Mixing – introduce your little one to the world of color mixing with a range of different materials and hues.

9. Salt Painting – create beautiful artwork on paper by sprinkling salt over wet paint, then brushing away to reveal unique patterns.

10. String Art – let your toddler explore the basics of string weaving by following a pre-drawn pattern or creating their own.

11. Nature Collage – collect a range of objects such as rocks, leaves, and sticks from the great outdoors and create a fun collage to share with your little one!


More Rainbow Crafts Ideas For Toddlers!



Whether it’s for St Patrick’s Day or for a summer craft project, we hope you found a rainbow craft project that your toddler will enjoy.

They all have varying levels of involvement for your toddler, but that doesn’t make them any more or less enjoyable!

These are all great opportunities to teach your toddler their basic colors in a fun and unique way.

If you end up using and enjoying some of these craft ideas, we hope you come back and give some of the others a try.

Thank you so much for reading, be sure to check out some of our other arts & crafts-focused posts!




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