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10 Christmas Coloring Pages For Kids [Free Printables]

Updated December 4, 2023

Are you looking for Christmas coloring pages for kids?

Today I’m sharing 10 Christmas coloring sheets for toddlers and preschoolers.

We live in New England and December is a rainy and snowy month.

That means it can be hard to get outside and play every day.

December is also a super busy month with the holidays and all the festivities surrounding them.

So I rely on easy toddler and preschool activities like coloring to keep our little ones busy.

Christmas coloring pages

Let’s jump in and take a look at this group of 10 Christmas coloring activities that I’m sure your kids will love.

You can download your free printable Christmas coloring pages towards the bottom of the page.


10 Christmas Coloring Pages For Kids [Free Printables]

1.”Towering Tree with Gifts”:

Gather ’round! This Christmas tree is just waiting for you to splash it with color.

Will you choose classic red and green, or go wild with a rainbow of presents under the tree?

Your imagination’s the limit!

Christmas coloring pages

2.”Joyful Puppy’s Christmas”:

Woof! This happy pup in a snowy scene can’t wait to play fetch with snowflakes.

Will you color his world as a winter wonderland or a festive party with a tree that outshines the stars?

Christmas coloring pages



3.”Prancing Reindeer”:

This little reindeer is all prance and all dance!

Get your reds and browns ready to bring this cutie to life.

Maybe add a shiny red nose to guide Santa’s sleigh?

Christmas coloring pages


4.”Puppy and Reindeer Friends”:

These two are clearly up to some holiday mischief!

What colors will their scarves be?

And how about decorating that cute reindeer’s antlers with some colorful ornaments?

Christmas coloring pages



Christmas coloring pages


5.”Woodland Critters”:

A bunny and a hedgehog exchange

Christmas stories in a forest of fun.

Color them in cozy winter hues or maybe give them little hats to stay warm!

Christmas coloring pages


6.”Snowy Day with a Fluffy Friend”:

This fluffy dog is having a blast in the snow!

Maybe the house behind him is gingerbread, waiting for you to color in candy canes and icing.

Christmas coloring pages


7.”Gingerbread Christmas Tree”:

This page is good enough to eat!

Well, not really, but you can make it look that way with sweet colors for a gingerbread tree sprinkled with candy decorations.

Christmas coloring pages


8.”Santa’s Coffee Break”:

Even Santa needs a break!

What’s in his cup?

Hot cocoa or peppermint tea?

Color in a cozy scene for Santa’s quiet moment.

Christmas coloring pages


9.”Elfin’ Around the Christmas Tree”:

This elf’s got the right idea — nothing beats the star on top!

Give him some bright colors and don’t forget the jingle on his shoes.

Christmas coloring pages


10.”Snow Globe Wishes”:

Shake up a winter scene inside this snow globe.

Will you make a blizzard of colors or a gentle snowy day?


Christmas coloring pages

Download your FREE Printable Coloring Pages.

Christmas coloring pages


Benefits of Coloring for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Coloring is like a secret superpower for your little ones!

When they’re busy deciding whether Santa’s suit should be classic red or a funky purple, they’re not just having fun; they’re also giving their fine motor skills a major workout.

Those small muscles in their hands and fingers get stronger every time they grip a crayon or paintbrush, making them ready for all sorts of tasks down the road, like writing or tying shoelaces.

Now, about colors – Recognizing and naming colors are foundational skills that set the stage for learning all kinds of concepts.

And when they switch from green trees to blue skies, they’re also boosting their hand-eye coordination, learning to color within those pesky lines.

But here’s the best part: coloring is like a mini-vacation for their busy little minds.

It helps them to chill out after a high-energy playtime or to wind down before bed.

It’s their quiet time to express what’s buzzing in their heads without having to find the words.


Choosing the right art supplies for toddlers

First things first, always look for non-toxic, washable crayons, markers, and watercolors.

We’re talking about the kind that says “safe for kids” right on the label.

These are the art supply world superheroes — they make clean-up a breeze and keep our munchkins safe, even if they go for a taste test!

Now, let’s talk tools.

For those adorable chubby toddler hands, chunky crayons and markers are the way to go.

They’re just the right size for a firm grip, making it easier for tiny fingers to control their masterstrokes.

And, they’re tougher, which means they can take a bit of a toddler tantrum throwdown and live to color another day.

Watercolors are a dream for sensory play, but let’s keep it mess-friendly with larger brushes and solid watercolor sticks that glide on like paint but hold up like a crayon.

And because we know that a toddler’s attention span is as fleeting as a snowflake on a sunny day, these tools help them make their mark without the need for water cups that can spill.

The goal is to let kids be kids — that means getting messy, having fun, and expressing their creativity without worry.

Stocking Stuffer Gift for Kids Rainbow Crayon Stix® Set of 4
Stocking Stuffer Gift for Kids Rainbow Crayon Stix® Set of 4

from: Etsy 


Additional Christmas Activities For Toddlers and Preschoolers

1. Story Time & Coloring Combo: Snuggle up with a cozy Christmas tale about Santa and his reindeer.

After reading, hand out a coloring page that features Santa and encourage the kiddos to color it in.

It’s like bringing the story to life, one crayon at a time!


2. Ornament Counting Game: Before the coloring begins, turn a Christmas tree coloring page into a mini math lesson.

Ask the little ones to count and color the ornaments on the tree.

They can even practice writing numbers or add their ornaments to count!


3. Christmas Q-tip Painting: Swap those crayons for Q-tips and paint to dot along the lines of the coloring page.

It’s a fab way to mix things up and perfect for those pint-sized Picassos who love to dab and dot their masterpieces.


4. Sensory Bin Exploration: Create a Christmas sensory bin filled with faux snow, jingle bells, and miniature Christmas items.

After some hands-on fun, let the tots color pages that include items they found in the bin.

It’s a sensory and visual feast!


5. Crafty Christmas Creations: Turn those colored pages into something special.

Cut out shapes to make ornaments, or use them to decorate homemade Christmas crackers filled with tiny surprises.


6. Activity Placemats: Turn coloring pages into placemats for the kids’ table.

Include puzzles, mazes, and spots for coloring.

They’ll be entertained (and contained) while the grown-ups enjoy some holiday chit-chat.


7. Playdough Party: After coloring, bring out the Christmas playdough.

Encourage the tots to recreate the coloring page scenes with dough.

A red-nosed reindeer or a squishy green tree, perhaps?


Mix and match these ideas, and you’re all set for a holly, jolly good time that’s equal parts merry and bright!

Don’t forget to sprinkle in some Christmas magic with a playlist of carols in the background and maybe even a little dress-up box for impromptu elf performances.


Christmas coloring pages


If you use these coloring sheets and loved them please let me know in the comments!

Happy Holidays!



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