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3 Adorable Christmas Activity Placemats for Kids

Updated January 21, 2024

Are you looking for some fun Christmas activity placemats for kids?

I love making holiday and seasonal activity mats for my kids and today I’m sharing 3 that my toddlers and preschoolers have LOVED during the holiday season.

The holidays can be exhausting for kids and adults.

Sometimes you need a quiet activity your little ones can do while you wrap gifts, bake cookies, entertain guests, or try to grab a holiday dinner with your significant other.

I made sheets with easy games like tic-tac-toe, coloring, and a simple maze so even young kids can do them without much help.

christmas activity placemats

These activity mats are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

So let’s jump in and take a look at them and you can download them for free towards the bottom of the page!


3 Adorable Christmas Activity Placemats for Kids

Engage your little ones in the festive spirit of Christmas with these enchanting activity placemats designed to kindle joy and creativity during the holiday season.

You can download your free printable Christmas activity mats at the bottom of the page!

These placemats are 11×14 and you can print them out on a regular printer by setting the printer settings on fit to page. 

Or you can have them printed out at Staples.

1. Christmas Maze with a Juping Reindeer:

Oh, what fun it is to help a joyful reindeer through a festive maze!

This placemat invites children to navigate a Christmas maze, bordered by charming candy canes and holly.

But wait, there’s more!

After they’ve helped the reindeer find its way, they can bring the scene to life with colors.

A cheerful reindeer leaps in the snow, while a gingerbread house awaits its spectrum of sweet hues, and a jolly Santa stands by, ready to be decked out in classic red and white or any imaginative combination the little ones dream up!

Christmas Activity Placemats

2. ‘Joyful’ Christmas Dog Coloring Sheet:

It’s a winter wonderland of fun with this activity mat, featuring a Christmas tree maze begging for some crayon action!

A happy dog jumps for joy next to a decorated tree, and a snowman stands guard by a cozy cottage.

What’s that by the snowman?

A sled just waiting to be ‘ridden’ with a crayon trail!

Every corner of this mat is sprinkled with snowflakes and candies, and it’s all wrapped up with a festive candy cane border.

It’s a perfect mix of brain-teasing and creative coloring.

christmas activity placemat



3. Festive Christmas Puppy with Reindeer:

This one is a heart-warmer!

We’ve got a maze shaped like a Christmas tree, right next to a playful scene where a puppy and a reindeer are the best of friends.

This duo looks ready for some winter fun under a sky that’s gently dropping snowflakes.

Below, there’s a string of Christmas lights waiting to glow in the colors chosen by tiny hands.

The snowflakes and the hashtag patterns add just the right touch of merry to the edges.

It’s a placemat that promises loads of fun and a dash of friendship magic!

Christmas activity placemats Each placemat is a canvas for imagination, blending traditional Christmas elements with interactive activities.

They’re perfect for keeping the kids entertained while building anticipation for Christmas day!

We’ve got even more Christmas crafts, Elf on the shelf Ideas, and Christmas Sensory Ideas your kids will love!


Download your FREE printable Christmas activity placemats

Christmas activity placematsClick the image to download your free Christmas activity mats



Christmas Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

During the Christmas season, I add these books to our holiday book basket that I keep by our couch for an easy snuggle time read-aloud.

This is a great way to extend the activity too.

While my kids are coloring (and I’m not holiday prepping!) I love to read them Christmas-themed books. 

  1. Moo, Baa, Fa La La La La!” by Sandra Boynton
  2. “The 12 Days of Christmas: A Lift-the-Tab Book” by Roger Priddy
  3. “Olivia Helps with Christmas” by Ian Falconer
  4. “All the Colors of Christmas” by Matthew Paul Turner
  5. Llama Llama Jingle Bells” by Anna Dewdney
  6. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Peekaboo Christmas” by Eric Carle
  7. “Christmas in the Manger” by Nola Buck
  8. “The Littlest Reindeer” by Brandi Dougherty
  9. “Itsy Bitsy Christmas: You’re Never Too Little for His Love” by Max Lucado
  10. The Night Before Christmas” by Clement Moore


christmas activity placemats


Christmas Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

1. Jingle Bell Scoop and Transfer:

Grab a spoon, some jingle bells, and two bowls.

Have your kiddos scoop bells from one bowl and transfer them to the other bowl.

It’s like they’re helping Santa sort his sleigh bells – careful, don’t let them jingle away!


2. Christmas Playdough Creations:

Roll out the red and green playdough and let the imagination take over!

Make tiny Rudolph noses,

Christmas trees, or even Santa’s cookies.

Squeezing and shaping the dough is perfect for those growing hands.


3. Ornament Lacing Cards:

Create some festive lacing cards shaped like ornaments or Christmas trees.

Kiddos can thread yarn or shoelaces through the holes.

It’s great practice for tying those future shoe laces and looks pretty nifty on the Christmas tree too!


4. Gingerbread House Blueprint:

Who says you can’t play with your food?

Give your toddlers graham crackers, icing, and candy pieces to construct their own gingerbread house.

It’s a sticky architectural adventure that builds precision and patience.


5. Festive Q-tip painting

Looking for a festive and engaging activity for your toddlers this Christmas?

Check out these free Q-tip painting printables, perfect for developing fine motor skills while keeping little ones entertained.

With designs like Christmas trees, gingerbread cookies, festive bells, gifts, and candy canes, they offer a creative and fun way for kids to join in the holiday preparations and create adorable seasonal art.


6. Christmas Bead Necklaces:

Stringing beads is a classic!

Use red, green, and gold beads to make festive necklaces or garlands.

It’s a holiday fashion statement and a superb workout for those tiny finger muscles.


7. Pine Cone Painting:

Dip pine cones in paint and let the kids roll them across a piece of paper to make a colorful, textured art piece.

It’s a bit of nature and art mixed into one, and it’s as fun as sledding down a snowy hill.


8. Holiday Tweezer Game:

Set up a bowl of pompoms and provide some tweezers.

The challenge is to pick up the pompoms with the tweezers and place them into ice cube trays.

It’s like preparing tiny holly berries for a Christmas wreath, with precision!


9. Snowflake Snipping:

Get some safety scissors and paper, and show the kiddos how to snip snowflakes.

Every cut unfolds a surprise – just like unwrapping a present on Christmas morning, but with more snowflakes and less wrapping paper!


10. Candy Cane Hook Hang:

Bend some pipe cleaners into candy cane shapes and let the little ones hang small items onto them.

It’s perfect for developing that pincer grip and who knows, maybe they’ll hook some actual candy canes too!


I hope your kids love these printable Christmas placemats to color!

If you use these placemats let us know!


  • Sue Winters RN

    Sue Winters, RN - Co-Founder of Maternity Comfort Solutions Sue combines 20 years of nursing with a rich background in early childhood education. Co-founder of Maternity Comfort Solutions, her articles provide creative toddler activities and practical tips on pregnancy nutrition and baby shower planning, embodying her commitment to supporting families through early parenthood.

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