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Easy Paper Plate Christmas Wreath Craft For Kids

Updated December 13, 2023

Are you looking for a Christmas wreath craft that is easy for toddlers and preschoolers?

We made this fun paper plate Christmas wreath craft with our kids and they loved it!

It makes a cute decoration that your kids will love showing off!

Easy Christmas Paper Plate Wreath Craft For Kids

Easy Paper Plate Christmas Wreath Craft For Kids

Supplies Needed:

  1. Paper plates
  2. Green paint
  3. A clothespin and pom-pom for painting (or a sponge/paintbrush if unavailable)
  4. White and red craft paint
  5. Additional red pom-poms for decoration
  6. Glue
  7. Scissors (to be used by an adult)


Prepare the Paper Plate: Begin by cutting out the center of the paper plate to create a wreath base.

This step should be done by an adult. 


Paint the Wreath: Attach a pom-pom to a clothespin to use as a makeshift paintbrush.

Have your child dip it into green paint and cover the paper plate ring evenly to represent the foliage.

Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

If you don’t have a pom-pom and clothespin, a sponge or paintbrush will work as well.

Easy Christmas Paper Plate Wreath Craft For Kids


Create ‘Snow’: Using the pom-pom tool or a paintbrush, dab white paint onto the wreath to resemble snow.

Make sure to space out the white dots evenly and let them dry.

Easy Christmas Paper Plate Wreath Craft For Kids


Add Berries: Clean the pom-pom or use a new one to add red berry dots with red paint.

Space these out among the white ‘snow’ dots.

Let the wreath dry completely.

Easy Christmas Paper Plate Wreath Craft For Kids


Glue on Decorations: After the paint has dried, glue on red pom-poms in clusters to enhance the berry effect on the wreath.


Easy Christmas Paper Plate Wreath Craft For Kids


Additional Decorations: If desired, children can glue on extra elements like glitter, bows, or small holiday-themed cutouts.


Easy Christmas Paper Plate Wreath Craft For Kids


Finishing and Displaying: Once all elements are dry and securely attached, the wreath is ready to be displayed.

Create a loop with a ribbon or string on the back for easy hanging.


paper plate christmas wreath craft



Additional Christmas Activities:

  1. Texture Exploration: Introduce materials with different textures, such as felt, foil, tissue paper, or velvet, and encourage children to touch and describe how these materials feel as they add them to their wreaths.
  2. Color Mixing Lesson: Before painting the wreath, have children mix their shades of green using blue and yellow paints. This can teach them about color blending and encourage experimentation. While not a holiday book when teaching the color green, I have always read the book “Little Yellow, Little blue”.
  3. Nature Walk: Go on a nature walk to collect real pinecones, leaves, or twigs to add to the wreath. This can be a fun way to incorporate nature into the craft and discuss the different types of trees and plants.
  4. Story Time: Pair the craft with a festive storybook reading session. Choose a book about Christmas wreaths or holiday traditions to read before or after the crafting.
  5. Sensory Play: Use the pom-poms for a separate sensory bin activity. Children can sort them by color, size, or feel, or use them to create patterns and pictures.
  6. Wreath Gallery: Once everyone has completed their wreath, create a gallery display where children can showcase their work and talk about the design choices they made.
  7. Gift-Giving: Encourage children to give their wreath as a gift to a family member, friend, or local community center, teaching them the joy of giving during the holiday season.
  8. Math Integration: Use the wreath to discuss shapes and sizes. Talk about the circle shape of the wreath, the concept of large vs. small, or count the number of decorations used.
  9. Musical Accompaniment: Play holiday music during the craft session and encourage a sing-along. This can set a joyful tone and may inspire creative expression.
  10. Cultural Learning: Discuss how different cultures celebrate the holiday season and what decorations they use. This can be an entry point to learning about diversity and traditions from around the world.
  11. Performance Play: Once the wreaths are complete, children can use them as props in a holiday play or song performance, adding a dramatic element to the activity.
  12. Wreath Customization: Offer a variety of themes for decorating the wreath, such as winter wildlife, with cutouts of animals, or a ‘Night Before Christmas’ theme with miniature stockings and tiny presents.


Before you go: Grab a FREE printable set of Christmas coloring pages!

And get your FREE printable set of Christmas placemat activities for kids!


We hope you and your kids love this paper plate wreath craft! 

If you make it please let us know! 

We’d love to display it on our Facebook page!



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