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10 Top Pregnancy Tips For First-Time Moms [Shared By Moms]

Updated August 3, 2022

After practicing obstetrics and delivering thousands of babies, there are some pregnancy tips that I want to share with women who are pregnant or are planning pregnancy.

These are simple pregnancy tips I gathered from my patients over the years that you may find helpful during your pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery.

10 Pregnancy Tips New Moms Wish They Had Been Told

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10 Top Pregnancy Tips For First-Time Moms [Shared By Moms]


1.  Consider the source of medical information you receive during your pregnancy

It is important to question the information you are told during pregnancy and who you receive it from. Now more than ever, people want to offer you advice and their opinion whether you asked for it or not.

Moms-to-be are barraged with information about prenatal care and childbirth.

The information they are told is not always correct and though it may be well-intended, it can create a great deal of anxiety for pregnant women.

Always talk with your doctor or midwife if you have concerns about medical information you have been told. Simply bringing up these concerns at your prenatal visit can alleviate a tremendous amount of stress.

If you have questions about something you have been told, write it down so you won’t forget to bring it up at your next prenatal visit.

There is nothing worse than realizing you forgot to ask a question after you have left the medical office.


2. Baby proofing your home

When it comes to baby-proofing your home, many parents will end up spending little time working on this as there are so many other details to address preparing for your newborn’s arrival.

Granted, there are few baby-proofing details to deal within the first few months, you will have little free time to deal with this unless you have help at home.

While pregnant, you may find this activity enjoyable in anticipation of your new arrival. The following suggestion is a simple tip that I have seen evolve with the advent of the internet and online shopping.

Some of the most popular babyproofing products:


3. Know when to say “No” and make time for yourself.

Saying NO can be a hard thing to do when you are pregnant, especially if you are someone who has a hard time saying no when you are not pregnant.

Pregnancy is exhausting because it is both physically and emotionally demanding.

It is OK to say “No”. If it doesn’t have to be done, it can wait. Make the decision to cut back on your daily routine and work demands if possible. Be gentle and flexible with yourself. No is a complete sentence.


4. Be proactive and be true to yourself

Being proactive is one of the best ways to avoid stress and anxiety during your pregnancy.

Proactive is about working collaboratively with your health care provider and not making decisions based on what others will think of you.

Don’t ever feel you have to appease others who confront you with their opinions about how you should manage your pregnancy.


5. Know when to ask for help, it’s ok… really!

You may be one who does not like to ask for help, but this is an exception. Reach out to family and friends. You’ll be surprised how many will be thrilled at the chance to help you during your pregnancy.

Don’t hesitate to ask your partner to help you. Let others cook meals for you, clean the house and do childcare so you can rest. You are growing a tiny human and that is exhausting work.  Ask for help!


6. Be flexible with your expectations in labor and delivery.

Everyone has a plan for how they want things to go during and after their pregnancy. The advice you will get will be endless and will come from sources you never knew existed.

Ultimately, you will develop a plan with your partner of how you want your labor and delivery to happen. You should develop a short birth plan, It doesn’t need to be a fancy 7-page document. We strongly recommend you keep it to one page. 

What is important, especially when dealing with decisions during labor, is to be flexible. Be prepared to accept the possibility that your birth plan might have to change to ensure the health of both you and your newborn.  


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7. Pregnancy comfort products you will be glad you know about.

We found the best deals on these products to be from Amazon and you can check the price and read the reviews on Amazon below:

Maternity Support Belt 

The maternity support belt or pelvic support belt is designed for women experiencing low back pain, sciatic pain, and pelvic girdle pain.

This occurs during pregnancy as a result of the frontal weight distribution during pregnancy and the hormonal effect on ligaments leading to loosening of joints in the pelvis and lower back.

The belts are designed to redistribute weight to alleviate the stress on the lower back and pelvis. Most woman who start using a pelvic support belt get tremendous relief.  

For women with twins or triplets, the support belt is indispensable. Years ago there was only one place I could send prenatal patients who needed a maternity support belt…you guessed it… J.C.Penny (no this is not a promotion it simply was the only place to go).

Online shopping has made numerous types of support belts readily available from numerous manufacturers.

Because there can be underlying medical conditions contributing to musculoskeletal pain during pregnancy, always discuss the use of a maternity support belt with your prenatal care provider.

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Belly Band 

Bell bands offer back and pelvic support during pregnancy; however, not as much as a maternity belt.

They are also used during postpartum recovery, especially by women who have experienced a separation of the rectus muscles known as Diastasis Recti.

This occurs more often with large babies and multiple pregnancies but can happen to anyone.

The belt gives support like an abdominal binder. If using it for postpartum abdominal support for diastasis or after a c-section, first check with your doctor.

Once you are given the ok, most manufacturers recommend wearing it for 10-12 hours a day for up to 8 weeks after delivery.

A popular band for pregnancy and postpartum support is the: NU MOMZ Belly Band for Pregnancy Support – Maternity Belt for Back Hip & Pelvic Discomfort – Prenatal & Postpartum Tummy Wrap


Sea-Band For Morning Sickness Relief

There was a time when acupressure was of questionable benefit. This has changed due to scientific studies that have demonstrated the benefits of acupressure.

You may or may not get relief from acupressure therapy. However, since there are no health risks associated with acupressure, you may want to consider trying wrist pressure bands for nausea.

There are many women who are absolutely convinced they help and they are affordably priced. The Sea-Band Wristband is the original nausea relief acupressure wristband.


Relief Bands For Morning Sickness Relief

The Relief Band is another option for the management of nausea due to morning sickness during pregnancy. These bands are used for other causes of nausea as well.

The relief band emits a pulsed signal to the median nerve in the wrist. This therapeutic approach is called neuromodulation and acts at the level of the central nervous system.

It is reported to be effective in clinical trials up to 85% of the time.  The Reliefband 1.5 Motion Sickness Wristband



  • Customer reviews for morning sickness report significant relief
  • Easy to use and drug-free treatment
  • Water-resistant (not submersible)
  • Hospital Tested Technology
  • Fast-acting


  • Contains latex: Cannot use if have a latex allergy
  • Gold electrode plate can cause a rash. Consider this if you have a sensitivity to metals.
  • The guarantee is limited and must be returned within 14 days


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Pregnancy Pillows

Over recent years, pregnancy pillows have become one of the most popular comfort items for pregnant women.

Pregnancy pillows help maintain a comfortable sleeping posture, supporting and aligning the neck, spine, and legs.

The comfort can be life-changing. Can help treat insomnia and result in better quality and duration of sleep. The pillows are so comfortable many women continue to use them long after delivery.

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Amazon Baby Registry

The Amazon Baby Registry has a lot of perks, especially if you are a Prime member. Aside from the cost savings, the convenience of having a registry set up online can make your life a lot easier!


8. Plan your baby nursery early

Planning your nursery early in your pregnancy allows time to find the best deals so you can create your dream nursery on a budget.

Leaving the nursery plans to the last minute could force you to overspend or not be able to get the things you’d like.

If you are planning a nursery on a tight budget we have written a post you will find helpful 10 Simple Tips For Decorating A Nursery On A Budget. There are so many options for designing your dream nursery even if you are on a shoestring budget. We talk all about the different ways to get the nursery you want without going broke, so be sure to check it out.

Sign up for your baby registry early, put the things that you really want, but maybe can’t afford on it. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles. cousins, friends will all be looking for ideas of things to get your new bundle of joy. We love to use this Storkcraft crib as an example. This type of item is perfect for your baby registry or let the grandparents know the items you want so bad, but just can’t afford right now.


Convertible Crib

Storkcraft Portofino 4-in-1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib and Changer, Espresso


9. Stock up on things you like for when you come home with the baby.

I wish someone had told me to stock up on the things I really liked for after the baby was born. Once you get home, you really won’t be going anywhere except to the pediatrician for the first few weeks.

So get the snacks you like (you’ll be hungry), get some books or movies you enjoy, get your favorite nail polish and even hair color.

You’ll be glad you stocked up on things for YOU. Not just things for the baby.


10. There are a lot of things you won’t need for your newborn, but a few things you won’t be able to live without.

When it comes to what you actually need for your new baby the list is pretty small.

Here is our list of the important things to have:

  • Onesies (You’ll want at least 7 of them)
  • Sleepers
  • Nightgowns with elastic bottoms (This was a lifesaver with a new baby!)
  • Blanket
  • Diapers/wipes/diaper rash cream
  • Carseat
  • Baby swing (This isn’t a luxury item, this is a mom gets to take a two-minute shower…finally item)
  • Baby carrier (It will allow you to get things done.)
  • Crib, Bassinet, or a Pack n Play .
  • Baby nail clippers
  • Gas drops
  • Newborn hat

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