10 Pregnancy Tips New Moms Wish They Were Told

After practicing obstetrics and delivering thousands of babies, there are some pregnancy tips that I want to share. Tips you want to know at the onset of your pregnancy and not after your delivery.

This post contains affiliate links. You can read our affiliate disclaimer at the bottom of this post.

10 Pregnancy Tips New Moms Wish They Had Been Told

This post contains affiliate links. You can read our affiliate disclaimer at the bottom of this post.

The Ten Tips New Moms Wish They Had Been Told


1.  Consider the source

I cannot begin to say how important it is to question the medical information you receive and who you received it from, before assuming it is “fact”. Now more than ever, there are countless individuals who want to offer their opinion. Sadly, a great deal of the information being shared is incorrect and causes a great deal of anxiety for expectant moms.

I am not suggesting that problems do not occur during pregnancy. However, just as we see in the news, talking about what went wrong with someone’s pregnancy clearly gets more attention.

My suggestion is to always talk with your prenatal care provider if you have concerns about the medical information you receive from friends, family, co-workers and even waiting room conversations. Simply bringing up these concerns can alleviate a lot of stress.


2. Baby proofing with Amazon

Though baby proofing your house is often talked about, many parents spend little time dealing with this as there are so many details to address when your newborn arrives home.

An easy way to baby proof your house is to search “Baby Proofing” on Amazon. Like any other search engine, you will be amazed at the list of baby proofing products available that others have been searching for on Amazon.


3. Know when to say “No” (Make time for yourself.)

Saying NO can be a hard thing to do. Pregnancy can be very demanding and exhausting. It is OK to say “No”. If it doesn’t have to be done, it can wait. Cut back on your schedule and work demands if possible. Be gentle and flexible with yourself.


4. Be proactive

Being proactive is one of the best ways to avoid stress and anxiety during your pregnancy. Proactive is about working collaboratively with your health care provider and not making decisions based on what others will think of you. Don’t ever feel you have to appease others who confront you with their opinions about how you should manage your pregnancy.


5. Ask for Help

You may be one who does not like to ask for help, but this is an exception. Reach out to family and friends. You’ll be surprised how many will be thrilled at the chance to help you during your pregnancy. Don’t hesitate to ask your partner to help you. Let others cook meals for you, clean the house and do childcare so you can rest. You are growing a tiny human and that is exhausting work.  Ask for help!


6. Be Flexible

Everyone has a plan for how they want things to go during and after their pregnancy. The advice you will get will be endless and will come from sources you never knew existed. Ultimately, you will develop a plan with your partner in terms of how you want your pregnancy to go (interventions, birth plan, family involvement, etc.). What is important, especially when dealing with management decisions during labor and delivery, is to maintain flexibility.


7. Helpful Products

Belly Band

  • Belly bands are also called maternity support belts or pelvic support belts. They are designed for women experiencing low back and pelvic girdle pain due to the awkward weight distribution during pregnancy. The belts are designed to redistribute weight to alleviate back strain. These belts can offer tremendous comfort to any woman during pregnancy. However, the women who find the belly band most helpful are those with twins or triplets or who have a condition known as “diastasis recti”. With diastasis recti, the enlarging uterus stretches the abdominal wall and causes the abdominal muscles to separate.

belly band

Maternity Fit, Bamboo Belly Band with Waist Extenders




  • There was a time when acupressure was of questionable benefit. This has changed due to scientific studies that have demonstrated the benefits of acupressure. Even the FDA has acknowledged the benefit of C-Bands for the relief of morning sickness. This being said, this therapy may or may not benefit your situation. However, since there are no health risks associated with acupressure, consider trying pressure bands for nausea. There are many women who are absolutely convinced they help.

sea bandSea-Band Adult Wristband Natural Nausea Relief


Pregnancy Pillow

  • Over recent years, pregnancy pillows have become one of the most popular comforts items for pregnant women. In fact, they’re not just for pregnancy. Pregnancy pillows help maintain a comfortable sleeping posture, supporting and aligning the neck, back, and legs. The comfort can be a life-changer and help you get a better night’s sleep.

Amazon Baby Registry

  • The Amazon Baby Registry has a lot of perks, especially if you are a Prime member. Aside from the cost savings, the convenience of having a registry set up online can make your life a lot easier!


8. Plan your baby nursery early

Planning your nursery early in your pregnancy allows time to find the best deals so you can create your dream nursery on a budget. Leaving the nursery plans to the last minute could force you to overspend or not be able to get the things you’d like.


Convertible Crib

Storkcraft Portofino 4-in-1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib and Changer, Espresso


9. Stock up on things you like for when you come home with the baby.

I wish someone had told me to stock up on the things I really liked for after the baby was born. Once you get home, you really won’t be going anywhere except to the pediatrician. So get the snacks you like (you’ll be hungry), get some books or movies you enjoy, get your favorite nail polish and even hair color. You’ll be glad you stocked up on things for YOU. Not just things for the baby.


10. There are a lot of things you won’t need, but a few things you won’t be able to live without.

When it comes to what you actually need for your new baby the list is pretty small. There are many things you don’t need. Two good examples…the bumpers and comforter for the crib. They look so cute in the nursery before the baby arrives, but in real life, you’ll never use them.

Here is our list of the important things to have:

  • Onesies (You’ll want at least 7 of them)
  • Sleepers
  • Nightgowns with elastic bottoms (This was a lifesaver with a new baby!)
  • Blanket
  • Diapers/wipes/diaper rash cream
  • Carseat
  • Baby swing (This isn’t a luxury item, this is a mom gets to take a two-minute shower…finally item)
  • Baby carrier (It will allow you to get things done.)
  • Crib, Bassinet, or a Pack n Play .
  • Baby nail clippers

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