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3 Valentine’s Day Activity Placemats For Kids [Free Printables]

Updated April 19, 2024

Are you looking for free printable Valentine’s Day Activity placemats?

I made these 3 Valentine’s activity mats for my kids to use during Valrntine’s week.

They help keep the kids busy when I’m making breakfast or dinner during our New England February winters!


Valentine's Day Activity Placemats For Kids [Free Printables]


3 Valentine’s Day Activity Placemats For Kids [Free Printables]

These placemats are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. 

I wanted them to work for my younger kids, you can always adapt them for older kids.


1. Happy Valentine’s Day Owls Activity Placemat:

Get ready for a love-filled adventure with this charming Valentine’s Day placemat!

A pair of sweet owls perched on a branch are just waiting to be brought to life with a rainbow of colors.

In the center, a heart-shaped maze leads to a lovely Valentine’s surprise.

It’s a perfect way to flutter into the world of problem-solving and fine motor skills, surrounded by adorable symbols of love like gifts and hearts.

The hashtag tic-tac-toe is ready for a friendly game, and the word ‘LOVE’ is eager for a splash of color!

Valentine's Day Activity placemats

You can download your Valentine placemats here


2. Happy Valentine’s Day Birds Activity Placemat

Love is in the air with these wide-eyed owls and a maze that captures the essence of Valentine’s Day!

This placemat is a hoot with its heart-filled labyrinth leading to a celebration of affection.

A playful puppy sits below, surrounded by a garden of hearts, waiting for your little ones to shower it with vibrant hues.

The scattered hearts and love notes create a canvas for creative expression that’s just too cute for words!

Valentine's Day Activity placemats

3. Happy Valentine’s Day Lovebird Activity Placemat:

Cupid’s arrow points straight to this adorable placemat, featuring a couple of lovebird parakeets and a maze that’s all heart!

The maze is a twisty-turny path of affection, perfect for little fingers to navigate.

And what’s that?

A scrumptious cupcake with a cherry on top!

It’s all set for some sweet coloring fun.

This placemat is a delightful way to spread the love and cheer of Valentine’s Day, ensuring your little ones are engaged and their creativity soars to the sky!

Valentine's Day Activity placemats

Download your  3 Free Printable Valentine’s Day Placemats


Valentine's Day Activity Placemats


These Valentines Day placemats are not just for decoration – they’re a gateway to hours of engaging fun, where every pencil stroke adds more love to the day.

So let’s color outside the lines with love this Valentine’s Day!


Additional Valentine’s Day Activities

Here are some heartwarming  activities that pair perfectly with the placemats and will surely spread the love:

  1. Homemade Valentine’s Cards: After your little ones finish coloring their placemats, encourage them to create handmade cards using construction paper, glitter, and stickers. It’s a lovely way for them to express their affection for friends and family.
  2. Heart-Shaped Cookie Baking: Don your chef hats and whip up a batch of sugar cookies using heart-shaped cutters. Decorating these sweet treats can be as much fun as eating them, and it’s a delicious way to reinforce the theme of love.
  3. Valentine’s Day Story Time: Cozy up with many books about love and friendship. After reading, ask your children to draw their favorite scene or character on the back of the placemat for an extra dose of storytelling.
  4. DIY Heart Wreaths: Gather paper plates, tissue paper, and ribbons to craft a festive wreath. Ripping and gluing the tissue paper is fun and great for fine motor skill development.
  5. Love-Themed Scavenger Hunt: Create a simple scavenger hunt around the house or yard with clues hidden under placemats. Each clue leads to a small Valentine’s or treat, making the holiday an interactive adventure.
  6. Cupid’s Arrow Toss: Make a game where kids can toss handmade ‘arrows’ into heart-shaped targets. It’s a fun way to burn off energy and practice hand-eye coordination.
  7. Valentine’s Sensory Bin: Fill a bin with rice dyed pink and red, add some heart-shaped scoops, and let the little ones dig in. It’s a tactile experience that can be both calming and engaging.
  8. Valentine’s Crafts: Encourage your children to use their artistic skills beyond the placemat with some delightful Valentine’s crafts. For instance, they can create a ‘Love Bug’ with a pom-pom body, pipe cleaner antennae, and googly eyes. Or, they can try making heart-shaped sun catchers with tissue paper and contact paper to brighten up any window.
  9. Valentine Bubble Wrap Stamping: This is a super fun and easy activity that recycles bubble wrap and creates beautiful art. Cut a piece of bubble wrap into a heart shape, let the kids dip it into red or pink paint, and stamp to their heart’s content. They can make a series of prints to create custom wrapping paper or a lovely piece of artwork to gift to a special someone.
  10. Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages: Complement the placemats with a variety of Valentine’s Day coloring pages. You can find or create pages featuring everything from Cupid and hearts to animals in love. These coloring pages can keep the kids entertained and are perfect for practicing color recognition and staying within the lines.


Click the image below to download your free printables!

Valentine's Day Activity Placemats For Kids [Free Printables]



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