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12 Summer Watermelon Crafts for Kids

Updated April 11, 2024

Every time summer rolls around, people can’t help but think about summery things.

And what could be more summery than watermelon?

The bright-colored, sweet-tasting fruit is a childhood favorite.

Even if a watermelon isn’t reasonably available yet, these 12 watermelon crafts for kids will get everybody feeling summer vibes.

watermelon crafts

12 Watermelon Crafts for Kids

Paper Plate Watermelon Craft by Mommy Made That

This paper plate watermelon craft is the perfect idea for anyone who needs a no-prep, just grab some stuff that’s lying around type of craft project.

It’s easy enough for preschoolers, but it can also be used to teach math skills to older kids.

watermelon crafts


Watermelon Button Art by Artsy Fartsy Mama

On the other hand, this watermelon craft will take some prep.

But the finished product looks so good, it will boost the summer decor in the home.


watermelon crafts



DIY Paper Plate Watermelon Fans by Honey & Lime

Since summertime usually brings higher temperatures right along with the watermelon, we all need a good way to cool down.

A handmade watermelon hand fan is the perfect way to bring down temps.


watermelon crafts


Paper Plate Watermelon Suncatchers by Crafts by Amanda

Got any old, broken red crayons lying around?

Turn them into a fantastic summertime suncatcher.

These watermelon suncatchers brighten up a room when the light passes through them.


watermelon crafts


Toilet Paper Roll Watermelon Craft by Two Kids and a Coupon

This toilet paper roll watermelon is a cute little idea that kids will get a kick out of.

As a bonus, it includes a pineapple craft as well.


watermelon crafts



Watermelon Handprint by The Best Ideas for Kids

These little watermelon handprint cards will brighten anybody’s day.

As a bonus, the author provides several cute sayings to put inside them.


watermelon crafts


Tissue Paper Watermelon Craft by Life with Darcy & Brian

This tissue paper watermelon craft is the perfect opportunity to get little ones involved in the fun.

They can help glue the tissue paper squares onto the watermelon and simultaneously work on their fine motor skills.


watermelon crafts



Paper Plate Watermelon by Easy Peasy and Fun

Here’s another paper plate watermelon craft, but this one has a twist.

Two watermelon plates are made, and kids can open the craft to see the bright, fruity inside.


watermelon crafts


Watermelon Bookmarks by The Printables Fairy

Summer reading is another staple of the hot months.

Whether it’s something assigned from school or just a good book to curl up with, these printable watermelon corner bookmarks are just the way to keep your page.


watermelon crafts


Paper Plate Watermelon Book Bag by Arty Crafty Kids 

Speaking of summer reading, this paper plate watermelon book bag is the perfect way to keep a book always on hand.

Kids will love decorating this bag and carrying a favorite book around with them.


watermelon crafts


DIY Watermelon Pinwheel Craft by Kids Craft Room

There are so many great things about this watermelon craft.

Kids love pinwheels and will get a kick out of making a watermelon one.

Plus, you can use them as summer decorations.


watermelon crafts



Painted Watermelon Rocks by Little Bins for Little Hands

Painted watermelon rocks might seem like they don’t require much instruction.

But this post gives many great tips and details, right down to the exact colors needed to reproduce these high-quality painted watermelon rocks.


watermelon crafts


Watermelon themed books for toddlers and preschoolers

  1. “The Watermelon Seed” by Greg Pizzoli – This book is about an alligator who loves watermelon but is terrified that swallowing a watermelon seed will lead to a watermelon growing in his stomach. It’s humorous and can help address common fears in a light-hearted way.
  2. “Watermelon Party” by Jasmine Cabanaw – This story celebrates diversity and community through a tale about animals coming together to share a giant watermelon. It’s a great way to introduce concepts of sharing and inclusivity.
  3. “One Watermelon Seed” by Celia Barker Lottridge – Focusing on counting and the life cycle of plants, this book can be very educational. It starts with planting seeds and follows through to the harvest, offering opportunities to count the fruits and seeds along the way.
  4. “Watermelon Madness” by Taghreed Najjar – This book tells the story of a little girl who loves watermelon so much that she wishes she could eat nothing else, which leads to an imaginative adventure. It’s a good story about the consequences of having too much of a good thing.
  5. “Jubilee!” by Alicia Potter – While not exclusively about watermelons, this book includes them in its celebration of community gatherings and food. It’s a wonderful way to introduce young children to the joys of community festivals and the foods associated with them, including watermelon.




Additional Summer Activities for toddlers and preschoolers

  1. Ice Painting: Freeze colored water in ice cube trays with popsicle sticks for handles. Once frozen, toddlers can use the ice cubes to paint on paper, experiencing sensory play as the ice melts and mixes colors.
  2. Watermelon Paper Plates: Cut paper plates in half and let children paint them green on the outside and red on the inside, adding black seeds with a marker or fingerpaint. It’s a simple craft that can also double as a cute summer decoration.
  3. Ocean in a Bottle: Fill a clear plastic bottle halfway with water and add a few drops of blue food coloring. Then fill the rest of the bottle with baby oil or vegetable oil. Add small sea creature toys or sequins for an added touch. Kids will love watching the waves move inside their bottles.
  4. Footprint Flip Flops: Trace the child’s foot on colored construction paper and cut it out to make flip-flop shapes. Let them decorate their paper flip-flops with markers, stickers, or glitter. Punch holes to add ribbon or paper straps.
  5. Sponge Water Bombs: Cut kitchen sponges into strips and tie them together to create a sponge ball. These make for great outdoor water play without the mess of traditional water balloons and are reusable.
  6. Beach Sand Art: Mix some glue with a little bit of water and paint it onto paper. Have toddlers sprinkle sand over the glue to create textured art. They can also press shells or small pebbles into the sand for a beachy effect.
  7. Butterfly Sun Catchers: Use contact paper and tissue paper pieces to create colorful butterfly sun catchers. Cut a butterfly shape out of black construction paper as the frame, and let children fill the wings with small pieces of colored tissue paper. Seal with another piece of contact paper and display in a sunny window.
  8. Nature Collage: Go on a nature walk and collect leaves, flowers, and other small items. Back at home, glue these items onto a piece of cardboard or heavy paper to create a nature collage. This activity not only involves crafting but also encourages exploration and appreciation of nature.





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