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Earth Day Bingo For Kids [Free Printable]

Updated April 19, 2024

Ready for a game of Earth Day bingo for kids?

It’s a perfect way to blend fun with learning about our planet!

Your bingo card is filled with colorful squares, each representing an action or item that celebrates Earth Day.

From a watering can to a globe, each square is a chance to explore and appreciate our environment.


Earth Day Bingo for kids


Earth Day Bingo For Kids

How to Play:

  • Craft or download an Earth Day Bingo card adorned with vibrant images similar to those in the provided illustration.
  • As you engage in each activity or identify an item, celebrate by marking that square. Feel free to get creative with stickers, colorful markers, or stamps.
  • Set your sights on completing a straight or diagonal line to shout out “Bingo!” For those seeking an extra dash of fun, cover all the squares for a grand Earth Day celebration.

Discoveries on Your Bingo Journey:

  • Embrace Recycling and Upcycling: With symbols such as the recycling emblem, compost container, and a “Plastic Free” badge, children are motivated to contemplate waste reduction.
  • Championing Conservation: Squares showcasing a water-conservation faucet and energy-efficient bulb illuminate the significance of resource conservation.
  • Admiring Nature’s Wonders: Illustrations depicting the flora, solar rays, and saplings honor the splendor of our natural surroundings.
  • Learning and Growing: Educational icons like the globe and the eco-friendly trio of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” are conversational springboards for eco-consciousness.

Why It Sparkles: Earth Day Bingo is more than just a game—it’s a journey through which children grasp the essence of environmental stewardship. As they mark each square, they’re embarking on mini-adventures that teach them how to care for our Earth, cultivating habits that can last a lifetime.

Parental Nuggets of Wisdom:

  • Use each marked square as a stepping stone to meaningful dialogue about environmental health and our role within it. Discuss the cycles of composting or the dance of the water cycle.
  • Inspire your youngsters to brainstorm their own eco-friendly deeds, perhaps conserving energy or crafting with recycled materials.
  • Applaud their Bingo triumphs with heartwarming enthusiasm—be it through a celebratory jig or by savoring an Earth-inspired snack together.

Continuing the Eco-Adventure:

  • Encourage the young ones to invent Earth Day endeavors corresponding to the completed squares, extending the game’s spirit into everyday life.
  • Exhibit the filled-out Bingo card as a proud emblem of your family’s commitment to environmental mindfulness.


Download your FREE printable Earth Day Bingo For Kids


Additional Earth Day Activities

Earth Day Sensory Bins

Activity: Create sensory bins with natural items.

Fill a container with sand, pebbles, leaves, and twigs for little hands to explore.

Why It’s Good:

Sensory play supports cognitive growth, and fine motor skills, and can introduce scientific concepts like texture and buoyancy.


2. Nature’s Color Palette

Activity: Take a walk and collect various natural items, then sort them by color or texture on a large piece of paper.

Why It’s Good:

This activity teaches color recognition and sorting, fostering organizational skills and an appreciation for nature’s diversity.


3. Eco-Friendly Finger Painting

Activity: Make homemade finger paints with natural dyes from foods like beets, spinach, and berries.

Paint on recycled paper.

Why It’s Good:

It’s a safe, eco-friendly way for children to express creativity and learn about making do-it-yourself crafts from natural materials.


4. Earth Day Parade

Activity: Craft simple musical instruments from recycled materials and have a parade around your home or yard, singing songs about the Earth.

Why It’s Good:

It celebrates Earth Day with joy and music, teaching children about rhythm and the fun of repurposing items.


5. ‘Green’ Story Creation

Activity: Work with your kids to invent a story about the Earth, with characters like talking trees or water drops, and illustrate it with drawings.

Why It’s Good:

Encourages imagination, and storytelling skills, and imparts environmental lessons through narrative.


6. Earth Day Puzzle Time

Earth Day Matching Game, 32 Puzzles, Matching Activity, Game for Kids, Toddler, Preschool, Spring Activity, Party Game, Busy Book
Earth Day Matching Game, 32 Puzzles, Matching Activity, Game for Kids, Toddler, Preschool, Spring Activity, Party Game, Busy Book

from: Etsy 

Activity: Make simple puzzles out of cardboard depicting Earth, animals, or plants.

Mix up the pieces and help your kids put them back together.

Why It’s Good:

Puzzles enhance problem-solving and motor skills and are a hands-on way to talk about Earth and its inhabitants.


7. DIY Bird Feeders

Activity: Use recyclables like plastic bottles or cartons to make bird feeders.

Fill with seeds and hang them outside to watch the birds visit.

Why It’s Good:

Bird-watching is a peaceful activity that teaches kids about local wildlife and the importance of caring for other species.


8. Water Play for Conservation

Activity: Set up a small water play area outside and use it to teach children about water conservation by showing them how to collect and reuse water for plants.

Why It’s Good: Interactive play with water teaches the value of this resource and simple ways to conserve it in everyday life.


9. Recycled Container Gardening

Activity: Plant seeds or flowers in old containers like yogurt cups or egg cartons.

Decorate the containers with eco-friendly materials.

Why It’s Good: It shows how everyday items can be given a second life and teaches children about growing plants.


10. Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Activity: Join in on an exciting Earth Day Scavenger Hunt that’s perfect for young explorers!

This special hunt is designed to help kids notice and appreciate the simpler elements of nature and our efforts to preserve it.

With the checklist provided in the image, children can embark on a journey to find items like an insect, a tree, a compost bin, and more.

Why It’s Good:

This scavenger hunt is designed to engage children with their surroundings and spark their curiosity about the environment.

As they seek out each item on the list, they’ll learn about wildlife, the importance of recycling, and simple ways they can help take care of the Earth.


Download your FREE printable Earth Day Bingo For Kids


Recommended Earth Day Books:



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