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20 Genius Easter Sensory Play Ideas For Toddlers

Updated August 3, 2022

Easter Sensory Play Ideas


Are you looking for Easter sensory play ideas for toddlers?

You are not alone!

Making Easter sensory bins is an easy and fun activity to do at home with your toddler or preschooler.

Having lots of opportunities for sensory play is important to a young child’s development.

The following sensory bins are designed to encourage exploration and open-ended play. They are also easily made at home.

Above all my goal as a mom is to keep it simple and help you do the same.


Easter Sensory Play Ideas For Toddlers

What is sensory play? 

The easter sensory bins for toddlers in this article will help engage your toddler in sensory play that uses the five senses.

These five senses are touch, smell, sight, taste, and hearing.

Sensory play is vital to a young child’s brain development.

Research suggests pretend-play offers young children the opportunity to develop empathy and learn to regulate their behavior.

Toddlers learn about their environment and bodies through their senses.

Sensory play assists children with developing fine and gross motor skills and encourages problem-solving ability.

Sensory activities encourage open-ended play.

Therefore the child is free to explore and create without a set outcome or any expectation.

You can’t go wrong with providing many opportunities for sensory play.

Sensory bin fillers do not have to be expensive. They are very easy and inexpensive to make at home.


[wps_icon icon=”check” background=”#31b522″ color=”#ffffff” size=”22″ padding=”6″ radius=”0″]20 Easter Sensory Play Ideas For Toddlers 



1. Easter Sink by Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Easter Sensory Bins

If you want to get creative with Easter sensory play ideas for toddlers, consider making an Easter sensory sink.

No bin required and your bathroom sink also offers many decorating ideas that are easy to clean when sensory playtime is over.

Create a theme based on what your child finds most interesting.


2. Easter Egg Sensory Bin   by The Gift of Curiosity

Easter Sensory Bins

This Easter egg sensory bin is sure to keep your toddler busy.

Make sure to use many colors and various types of eggs.

What you decide to put in the eggs will spark your toddler’s curiosity.

This activity is good for visual and fine motor function.


3. Dollar Tree Sensory Bin by Let’s Play Learn Grow


Easter Sensory Bins


9 Easy Sensory Bins For Toddlers

Making sensory bins is the way to go if you want a fast and frugal sensory activity for your toddler. I’m a mom and former toddler and preschool teacher. I have made 100’s of sensory bins/sensory activities over the years. Today I’m sharing my 9 all-time favorite sensory bin ideas.

4. Simple Easter Egg Bin by Where Imagination Grows


Easter Egg Sensory Bin

This simple Easter egg bin is great for sensory play. There are a number of ways this activity can help your child develop sensory and motor function skills.

Making Easter sensory bins for toddlers bring out their imagination.


5. Hidden Treasures Easter Sensory Play by Artsy Mama


Easter Sensory Play

If your toddler likes ball pits, it is very likely this sensory play activity will be a huge hit.

Simply put down a towel or blanket and then add items of your choice. Choose a theme your child likes and decorate the bathroom as well.

Bathroom activities are an easy clean up when the fun is done!


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6. Colorful Easter Bin by Mama of Many Blessings


Easter Sensory Bin

This Easter sensory bin is overflowing with items to keep your toddlers interest for hours.


7. Easter Bunny Bin by The Chaos and the Clutter


Easter Sensory Bin

For this Easter sensory bin, just make colored rice and add “glittered foam eggs, styrofoam eggs, fuzzy chicks, a bunny cookie-cutter” and whatever else you feel will spark your child’s interest!


8.  All Easter Eggs Sensory Bin  by Feels Like Home


Easter Egg Sensory Bin



9. Magnetic Easter Sensory Bin by Suzy Home Schooler


Easter Sensory Bin

This Easter sensory bin for toddlers is definitely unique and will keep your child engaged for hours.

The idea of using magnets to stir their curiosity is very clever.

Even as adults, who understand the basics of electricity, we still find the invisible forces associated with electricity intriguing.

You might find it challenging to get your toddler away from this sensory activity.


10. Easter Sensory Ideas by My Big Fat Happy Life


Easter Kids Activities

These easter sensory ideas are yet another wonderful way to keep your child engaged in activities aimed at early child development.

This blog post offers a number of different ways to use plastic Easter eggs in a way that makes learning fun.

The ways you can use this project to create learning activities are endless.

This Easter sensory idea for toddlers and beyond will have you thinking of the many ways you can create innovative tasks to make learning fun.


11. Bird Seed Egg Shakers by Buggy and Buddy


Easter Egg Shakers


Bird-seed egg shakers are a 3 in 1 sensory activity your toddler will love!

You get three activities in one project. Adorable and simple to make!

This makes a great Easter sensory play idea or fun after Easter Spring sensory activity!



12. Gak Filled Easter Eggs by Kids Activities Blog


Easter Eggs

If your kids have had enough candy and you want to try something they can play with and keep in their Easter eggs.

Why not try Gak made of glue and starch and not as messy as slime!



13. Easter Sensory Play by Views From A Step Stool


Easter Sensory Bin

A basket filled with colored rice, Easter eggs, and fine motor tools is always a good choice for an Easter sensory bin.

Takes little time to assemble and is easy to clean up when the fun is done!


14. Easter Slime Play by Mom Luck

Easter Slime Candy

Easter slime is always popular with toddlers. Just mix some water, glue, and Borax and the slime is ready to go.

Add some color and put into clear Easter eggs and you have an activity you can bring out time and again.


15. Christ-Centered Easter Sensory Bin by The Chaos and the Clutter


Easter Sensory Bin


If you are looking for an Easter sensory bin to teach your toddler about the meaning of Easter, this sensory bin is fun and an easy to make option.


[wps_icon icon=”check” background=”#31b522″ color=”#ffffff” size=”22″ padding=”6″ radius=”0″]More ideas for Easter sensory play ideas for toddlers!


16. Hatchery Sensory Bin – Maternity Comfort Solutions

Spring has arrived and that means new baby animals are being born on the farm. We hatch and raise new chicks in the spring.

I love to make this sensory bin during the week before Easter. Which usually lines up perfectly with new chicks being born!

This hatchery sensory bin is a favorite of our little ones and simple to make.

If you have not made your own colored rice before, this is my go-to method for coloring rice:

Colored Rice Recipe:

  • 4 Cups rice
  • 1-2 Tablespoons vinegar
  • Gel food coloring

Mix together in a Ziploc bag until the desired color. Colored rice is safe to keep and reuse for

I added plastic eggs and small rubber ducks to multi-colored rice.

I made a quick Easter sensory bin for toddlers that kept our kids busy playing “hatchery” for over an hour!

There are many options for extending Easter sensory play ideas


Easter Sensory Play Ideas


17. Baby Ducks and Colored Salt Sensory Bin – Maternity Comfort Solutions

This is a fun and super fast Spring or Easter sensory bin you can make for your toddler!

I colored Epsom salt blue and used that as the filler. I used added cotton balls and small rubber ducks.

You could easily add scoops and small plastic water to help improve eye-hand coordination. That is a great way to teach scooping and transferring too.

Epsom salt is easy to find at the grocery store or Walmart.

I prefer to order it off of Amazon. That is where I have scored the best deal on it.

Shipping is free with Amazon Prime and it is one less thing I need to worry about.


Easter Sensory Play Ideas



Easter Sensory Play Ideas


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18. Easter Edible Sugar Sensory Bin

This is a taste safe sensory bin. If you have a toddler who puts everything in there mouth, this is a good option!

If you have Easter cookie cutters let them do double duty this week.

You can make Easter cookies and use the cookie cutters for a fun creative Easter sensory bin!

I used colored sugar and added plastic eggs and cookie cutters.

Edible colored sugar is easy to make and it is not sticky! That was one of my big concerns, but it doesn’t stick at all.

Be sure your toddler has adult supervision when playing with colored sugar.

It is taste-safe, but you don’t want your toddler to enjoy it by the handful.


Easter Sensory Play Ideas




19 Easter Egg Wash Water Sensory Play – Little Bins For Little Hands

We love water play activities! Little Bins For Little Hands did not disappoint with this sensory play activity.

This is a great activity for cleaning little hands AND a good way to clean dirt and germs off toys!

Perfectly-timed Spring sensory activity for your toddler!


7 Ocean Sensory Bins For Toddlers ” Maternity Comfort Solutions

Making ocean sensory bins is an easy and fun activity to do at home with your toddlers and preschoolers. Having lots of opportunities for sensory play is important to a young child’s development. The following sensory bins are designed to encourage exploration and open-ended play. They are also easily made at home.


20.  Easter Sensory Bin For Toddlers – Keep Calm And Mommy On

An Easter sensory bin your toddler will love! You’ll love it too.

It uses items you probably already have on hand to make Easter baskets.

If you want a simple to make toddler indoor activity for Easter, this is the one!



These 20 + Easter sensory play ideas for toddlers will keep your child entertained for hours.

Right now most of us are stuck at home and toddlers are a whirlwind of energy that needs to be kept busy.

Sensory play is one of our favorite indoor toddler activities.

Please visit the wonderful and talented bloggers who shared their best Easter sensory play ideas with us!

If you are concerned about using food products like rice and sugar for sensory play, there are many non-food options you can use as filler.

We used Epsom salt in the baby duck sensory bin. You can color white sand. We buy our white sand on amazon. You can check on the price here.

The dollar store sells shredded color paper that makes an excellent sensory bin filler too.

We hope you found some ideas to inspire you to make Easter sensory play activities for your toddler.


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