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Preschoolers Warm Hearts Nationwide With Massive Food Drives For Families In Need

Updated November 14, 2023

Preschool food drive November 2023

Image: Primrose School/PRNewswire

Preschoolers Warm Hearts Nationwide With Massive Food Drives For Families In Need

Today, I’m excited to share something truly heartwarming happening across the nation.

Primrose schools are making a big impact in their communities with their annual Caring and Giving Food Drive.

This isn’t just a one-off event; it’s part of a year-round effort where kids learn and live out positive character traits like kindness and compassion.

Imagine young minds from places like the Primrose School at Johns Creek in Georgia, sorting food items, learning the joy of giving, and making a real difference.

This is about way more than just donating food; it’s about nurturing a whole generation of caring, empathetic adults.

In fact, a national study commissioned by Primrose Schools and conducted by OnePoll reveals a striking insight: nearly 73% of parents with young children believe that the best learning experiences come from outside the classroom.

And a whopping 75% want their kids to learn the value of community service.

Jo Kirchner, CEO of Primrose Schools, sums it up perfectly: “Nurturing generosity in young children is an investment in the future of our society.”

And it’s not just talk.

Primrose Schools are walking the walk by teaching children the value of giving without expectation, sharing, and caring as a cornerstone of early education.

Each November, Primrose students come together to collect nonperishable food donations for children and families in need.

And it’s not just older kids; even families of infants and toddlers get involved.

Older children learn the joy of giving by doing chores to earn money for buying food items.

This hands-on approach helps them develop not just compassion and generosity but also practical skills like math, planning, and understanding nutrition.

In 2022, Primrose schools outdid themselves by donating over 350,000 nonperishable food items, surpassing the previous year’s 300,000.

Dr. Amy Jackson, chief early learning strategy officer at Primrose Schools, highlights the importance of these real-life experiences in teaching children that they can make a difference.

For those interested in starting a family food drive at home and making a positive impact, Primrose Schools offers resources and guidance.

It’s a wonderful way for families to come together and teach children the importance of community service.



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