The Benefits Of A Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

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A full body pregnancy pillow can be extremely comforting when dealing with the low back pain that can occur during the course of your pregnancy. In addition, if you have a twin pregnancy or any preexisting back pain problems, the benefits can be truly amazing.

The strain on your back during pregnancy though not often discussed is very significant largely due to the physics behind carrying pregnancy weight in such a way as to dramatically alter your center of gravity. It is no surprise that your posture is affected during pregnancy in an effort to balance yourself.

In so doing you use muscles to stabilize your core and though this happens gradually the force exerted on your back joints and nerve spaces is many times more than the weight of the pregnancy.


During the day the challenge of carrying pregnancy weight can be counteracted with maternity support belts which will be discussed in future posts. This post is more about how to allow your back to rest in an anatomically normal position, alleviating joint stress and pressure on nerves in the lower back and pelvic area (sacral nerves).

The full body pregnancy pillow can be a life-saver when it comes to comfort and getting effective sleep restoration to deal with daily activities. Full body pregnancy pillows are so comfortable that even non-pregnant men and women find the pillow to be extremely restorative after a long day.

As with any back discomfort or muscle strain issues it is always important to make sure the cause of your pain during pregnancy is related to normal anatomic changes of pregnancy. If this has been confirmed by your prenatal care provider, ask about using a pregnancy pillow to make your pregnancy a bit more tolerable when it comes to comfort issues.


The advantages of using a maternity pillow during pregnancy are many. These are large-sized pillows that help in giving proper support to the belly during pregnancy. Pregnant women vouch by the comfort it provides while sleeping.

These pillows can be used even after pregnancy for added comfort. People suffering from neck pain and back pain can sleep in an undisturbed manner with the help of these pillows. People who have sleep disturbances can try using these pillows to enjoy a good night’s rest.

When it comes to the advantages of the full body pregnancy pillow, these pillows can offer all the luxury and comfort needed by pregnant women since they can adapt to bodily changes easily. These pillows can be used while watching television, chatting with family or friends or while just relaxing at home.

The main advantage of using body pillows during pregnancy is that the pillows act as an ideal mate during pregnancy. Since these are very comfortable, pregnant women can be relieved of all the stress and strain associated with their sleepless nights because of pregnancy. These pillows are also available at reasonable rates. Given below are a few advantages of using these pillows during one’s pregnancy.

Women can sleep in a half fetal position using the pregnancy pillow which is supposed to be the most comfortable position for sleeping during pregnancy. The full body pillows enable pregnant women to be relieved of the pressure and pain associated with the growing size of the tummy. Using these pillows, women can sleep on her sides comfortably instead of sleeping directly against their belly.

Body pillows offer the much-needed support to other parts of the body as well namely the shoulders, neck, back and the legs. Users can enjoy better sleep in a cost-effective way with the help of these pillows that are widely available these days.

Pregnant women can choose proper body pillow cases or body pillow covers to go with these pillows. Since these pillows come with sufficient stuffing, it can give you comfortable rest always.

For pregnant women, the best position of sleeping is sideways and body pillows enable women to sleep comfortably in this way. So you need not worry about sleeping with a wrong pillow or in a wrong position when you are making use of body pillows.

Body pillows come in several materials namely latex, foam, polyester, feather filling, memory foam, and others. Each one has its own advantages and can be used to relieve pain from different areas of the body.

Pregnant women can choose buckwheat pillows or memory foam pillows which can be adapted to their bodily changes. Since they can offer a comfortable position, the body pillows can be used even long after the baby’s delivery.

Full body pregnancy pillows help to maintain proper spinal alignment for optimal functioning of the central nervous system. It can also remove pain associated with the hips and the spinal cord.

Selecting the right full body pregnancy pillow for your needs can help you handle your pregnancy-related woes and health issues over the long-term.

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