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10+ Summer Nature Crafts for Kids

Updated May 6, 2024

While outdoor activities can occur year-round, there’s just something about being outside in the summertime.

Flowers and trees are in full colorful glory and begging to be experienced.

It’s prime weather for hiking, outdoor walks, and anything that gets you and the family out of the house.

And adding in activities using things collected while out and about doubles the fun.

These summer nature crafts for kids are perfect for some summer fun. 


Summer Nature Crafts


10+ Summer Nature Crafts for Kids

Sun Suncatcher Craft by Fox Farm Home

Take the kids for a walk and gather up yellow flowers and petals.

Then, make this easy sun suncatcher to add a little color to the room.

Summer Nature Crafts for Kids


Shark Rock Painting DIY Tutorial by Sustain My Craft Habit

Painting rocks has taken off in a big way.

It’s hard to go for a walk in a public area and not find one or two.

Make some shark rocks to help keep things exciting.

Summer Nature Crafts for Kids


How to Make Bark Owls by Fireflies & Mud Pies

You will be amazed at how easy it is to make bark owls using all-natural materials.

Keep a coffee can handy on your next walk to gather scraps.

Summer Nature Crafts for Kids


Patriotic Nature Craft by The Crazy Outdoor Mama

Gather up some long, pointed leaves on your next nature outing.

They make great rocket stamps, and the template provided can make for a great craft.

Summer Nature Crafts for Kids


DIY Tic Tac Toe Game by Messy Little Monster

If you have buckeyes in your area, they are perfect for an outdoor tic-tac-toe set.

If not, plenty of other options will work just fine.

Summer Nature Crafts for Kids


How to Make a Pine Cone Bird Feeder by Mom Wife Busy Life

The pine cone bird feeder is such a perfect summer nature craft.

Not only is it loaded with stuff straight out of nature, but it also helps feed the animals in the area.

Summer Nature Crafts for Kids



Nature Stick Pirate Ships Craft by Our Kid Things

It’s always amazing how much enjoyment kids can get from a simple stick.

Take stick-related fun to the next level with these stick pirate ships.

Summer Nature Crafts for Kids


DIY Mermaid Seashell Necklaces by Barley & Birch

While seashell necklaces are a dime a dozen, these beautiful mermaid necklaces are a world apart.

Some shells, paint, clay beads, and a few other things are all you need for this undersea treasure.

Summer Nature Crafts for Kids


Nature Weaving with Found Object Art by Little Bins for Little Hands

Nature weaving is a great way to get kids outside excitedly looking for materials.

Afterward, weaving the plant matter into a frame made out of sticks will help develop their fine motor skills.

Summer Nature Crafts for Kids



Shell Crafts – Crab Fridge Magnets by Red Ted Art

Another excellent option for smaller shells is to turn them into other creatures from the sea.

These crab magnets are too cute not to make.

Summer Nature Crafts for Kids


Shake Painting – Cute Snail Rock Craft by Kids Craft Room

Shake painting is a fantastic way for kids to get their sillies out and get crafting simultaneously.

This process art technique produces colorful rocks that make great snail shells.

Summer Nature Crafts for Kids


DIY Nature Mandala Craft by Made in a Pinch

Mandalas are beautiful, intricate pieces of circle art with a spiritual origin.

Help kids make their nature mandalas with materials they have collected in nature.

Summer Nature Crafts for Kids



Dragonfly Stick Craft by A Little Pinch of Perfect

Head outside, gather some sticks, grab a few spare coffee filters and twine, and you are ready to make these dragonfly stick crafts.

The process is simple, but the result is worth the time.

Summer Nature Crafts for Kids


Pet Cactus Rocks by The Best Ideas for Kids

The next time you’re on a walk, have the kids gather some small, smooth stones.

Think river rock.

Then, a little green paint later, they can make them into cacti that never even need watering.

Summer Nature Crafts for Kids


Nature Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Alongside the crafts, you’ll want to pepper in some fun outdoor activities to keep those little ones engaged all summer long. Here are a few ideas to include:

  1. Nature Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items commonly found in your local environment, like pinecones, flowers, or different types of leaves. Let the kids loose with a basket to see how many items they can find!
  2. Leaf Rubbings: Take a nature walk and collect a variety of leaves. Back home, place a leaf under a piece of paper and rub a crayon gently over it to reveal its shape and texture.
  3. Build a Bug Hotel: Gather natural materials like sticks, leaves, and pinecones to construct a bug hotel in your backyard. It’s a fun way to attract and observe insects up close.
  4. Rock Painting: Collect smooth rocks and use acrylic paints to create colorful designs. Once dry, these decorated rocks can be placed in the garden or used as paperweights.
  5. Outdoor Storytime: Take storytime outside! Spread out a blanket in the shade and read some nature-themed books together.


summer Nature Crafts For Toddlers


Nature Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

  1. Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt” by Kate Messner: This delightful book takes readers on a journey through the garden, exploring both what’s above ground and what’s happening below. It’s a wonderful introduction to the interconnectedness of nature.
  2. “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle: Follow the journey of a tiny seed as it grows into a beautiful flower. Eric Carle’s vibrant illustrations and simple text make this a perennial favorite among young readers.
  3. “A Stone Sat Still” by Brendan Wenzel: Through lyrical prose and stunning illustrations, this book celebrates the beauty and resilience of a simple stone, inviting readers to contemplate the wonders of the natural world.
  4. We’re Going on a Nature Hunt” by Steve Metzger: Join a group of friends as they embark on an exciting nature hunt, encountering various animals and elements along the way. With its catchy rhythm and repetitive text, this book is sure to captivate young adventurers.
  5. Finding Wild” by Megan Wagner Lloyd: Encourage a sense of wonder and exploration with this poetic ode to the wild places all around us. Whether it’s the rustle of leaves or the sparkle of stars, this book celebrates the magic of nature’s treasures.


Summer Nature Crafts




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