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10 Cute Farm Animal Crafts for Kids

Updated November 28, 2023

There’s just something about farm animals.

Little kids love them, and can’t get enough.

Crafting farm animals is always a good time.

So be sure to have a look at this list of 10 farm animal crafts for kids to find plenty of crafts for them to make.

farm animal crafts

We love toddlers and preschool farm animal crafts.

So let’s jump right in!


10 Farm Animal Crafts for Kids

Craft Stick Farm Animals by Crafts by Amanda

The craft stick farm animals project is a delightful and versatile craft idea for kids.

To make this craft more suitable for toddlers and preschoolers, I’d recommend a few alterations. First, pre-cut the felt pieces into simple shapes to make it easier for small hands to handle.

You might also opt for larger, easy-to-handle googly eyes and buttons to ensure safety and ease of use.

Instead of using regular glue, which can be messy, glue dots could be a cleaner alternative.

Painting the craft sticks could be done in advance, or you can use colored craft sticks to skip the painting step altogether.

The goal is to simplify the process while still allowing the little ones to enjoy assembling and customizing their farm animal craft


10 Farm Animal Crafts for Kids


Paper Plate Cow Craft by Little Ladoo

This paper plate cow craft is such a cute little idea.

It comes with a template, for ease of creation.

It can be turned into a mask afterward.

I love easy farm animal crafts for preschoolers and this one checks all the boxes. 

It’s perfect for young kids like toddlers and preschoolers, and it’s a great way to get creative with a farm theme or learn about the letter ‘C’.


10 Farm Animal Crafts for Kids


Sheep Paper Plate Craft by Mom. Wife. Busy Life

Speaking of cuteness, this sheep paper plate craft is amazing.

Covered with cotton balls, it’s fuzzy and fun.

This Sheep Paper Plate Craft is a delightful and straightforward project for kids.

It involves using a paper plate, cotton balls, black paper, and some glue to create a cute sheep.

The craft includes a free printable template for the sheep’s eyes, face, ears, and feet.

Kids can enjoy gluing cotton balls onto the plate and then adding the cut-out paper pieces to bring their sheep to life.

This an easy spring or Easter craft for toddlers and preschoolers.


10 Farm Animal Crafts for Kids


Farm Crafts For Kids by Mama of Minis

Another craft idea with a whole group of animals, kids will love populating a whole farm with these critters. 

These farm crafts on the website are a set of quick and easy-to-make animal crafts, perfect for a farm-themed activity or for young children who are fond of farm animals.

The crafts include making a cow, chicken, pig, and sheep, using simple materials like construction paper, scissors, glue, and a black pen or marker.

You can even add popsicle sticks to turn these creations into puppets or figures for pretend play.


10 Farm Animal Crafts for Kids


Easy Pig Paper Bag Puppet by Simply Full of Delight

Paper bags make great puppets already.

Add in this pig template to make the cutest puppet ever. 

This Pig Paper Bag Puppet craft is an adorable and easy activity for kids, especially suitable for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

It involves a simple process of coloring, cutting, and gluing using a free printable pig template.

This craft is not only fun but also helps in developing fine motor skills and creativity in young children.

It’s perfect for a farm animal theme and farm animal lesson plans.


10 Farm Animal Crafts for Kids


farm animal crafts


3D Paper Cow Craft by Arty Crafty Kids

This 3D Paper Cow Craft is a fun and interactive project that introduces kids to the basics of 3D paper crafting.

This craft not only fosters creativity but also helps kids develop fine motor skills and an understanding of perspective in art.


10 Farm Animal Crafts for Kids


Handprint Chicken Art by Taming Little Monsters

This chicken art combines a handprint chicken with fingerprint chicks, which makes for a whole family of handcrafted poultry.

Handprint Chicken Art is an adorable and hands-on project for kids!

They get to use their own handprints as the chicken’s wings, which is both fun and super personal.

It’s a hit with kids because they can see a part of themselves in the art they create.

And for toddlers and preschoolers, it’s perfect because handprint art is easy and super engaging for little ones.

They’ll get a kick out of seeing their handprints turn into a colorful chicken, making it a playful way to dive into crafting and creativity.

And it’s a cute keepsake for parents!


10 Farm Animal Crafts for Kids


Cork Sheep Craft by Animalovin

Here is a unique idea for a sheep craft.

Some minimal supplies are all it takes to bring such a great little sheep to life. 

A Cork Sheep Craft is a super cute and eco-friendly project for kids.

It usually involves using wine corks as the sheep’s body, which is a great way to recycle.

Kids can then add features like a head, legs, and of course, fluffy wool, often made from cotton balls or white felt.

This craft is fantastic for kids because it’s not only creative but also teaches them about reusing materials.

For toddlers and preschoolers, you can simplify the craft by pre-cutting the pieces and maybe using larger elements so they’re easier to handle.

It’s a fun and tactile project that results in adorable little sheep, perfect for farm-themed play or learning about animals.


10 Farm Animal Crafts for Kids


Paper Plate Horse Craft by Beth Ann Averill

This horse paper plate craft is easy to make and turns out so great.

Preschoolers will enjoy creating their very own horses.

What’s cool about it is that it’s not just a craft but a great way to work on fine motor skills, like using different tools for painting.

Plus, it’s a fantastic way to introduce farm animals in a playful way.

Kids can go wild with their imagination, choosing their favorite colors or even creating different horse breeds.

And the best part?

They get to decorate their rooms with their own creative masterpieces, which is always a hit.

It’s a great everyday craft that allows kids to express themselves uniquely and proudly display their work.


10 Farm Animal Crafts for Kids



farm animal crafts


Finger Knitting Pattern Pig by Growing Up Gabel

Finger knitting is a great idea for kids. Basically, it’s exactly what it sounds like; knitting without any needles. With a little patience and work, kids can put together some really great farm animals that they can keep around for years to come.

Finger knitting projects like these are great for kids as they are fun, and engaging, and help develop fine motor skills and dexterity.

Children love creating cute animals with their own hands, and finger knitting is an excellent way for them to learn basic crafting skills.

These projects can be adapted for younger kids by using thicker yarns and simpler patterns, making it easier for their little fingers to manage.

It’s a creative and satisfying activity that results in adorable handmade animals, perfect for play or decoration!

10 Farm Animal Crafts for Kids


Dos and Don’ts for making farm animal crafts with toddlers and preschoolers:


  1. Start Simple: Choose crafts with simple shapes and steps.
  2. Supervise Closely: Always keep an eye on toddlers and preschoolers, especially with tools like scissors.
  3. Use Sensory Elements: Incorporate textures and colors to make the craft more engaging.
  4. Include Storytelling: Relate the craft to stories or songs about farm animals.
  5. Encourage Questions: Use this as a chance to answer their queries about farm animals.
  6. Clean Up Together: Teach them the importance of tidying up after the activity.


  1. Avoid Complicated Steps: Complex instructions can frustrate young children.
  2. Don’t Use Fragile Materials: Avoid materials that can easily break and pose a risk.
  3. Avoid Long Sessions: Keep the crafting time short to match their attention span.
  4. Don’t Ignore Their Interests: If they are more interested in a certain animal, focus on that.
  5. Don’t Force Precision: Let them enjoy the process, even if the outcome is not as expected.
  6. Don’t Neglect Safety: Avoid sharp tools and toxic glues or paints.


Grab your FREE printable farm animals coloring sheets:

farm animal coloring pages


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