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Can I Go Axe Throwing While Pregnant?

Updated August 3, 2022

A lot of pregnant women are looking for ways to have fun and get some exercise during their pregnancy.

If you’re one of them, you may be wondering if axe throwing is a good option.

Can I go axe throwing while pregnant?

The answer is yes – with a few caveats. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the safety of axe throwing while pregnant, as well as some tips to make it a safe and enjoyable experience.


can I go Axe Throwing while pregnant?


Can I go axe throwing while pregnant?

Let’s talk about the safety of axe throwing while pregnant.

There is very little research on this topic, so we can’t say for sure that axe throwing is completely safe for pregnant women.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind to make it as safe as possible.

First, always avoid any activity that involves contact with your stomach.

You also want to be careful not to twist or strain your back while throwing axes.


can i go axe throwing while pregnant


And finally, make sure you drink plenty of water and take breaks as needed.

Stay behind the axe-throwing line at all times.

While rare axes can bounce off the board and travel backwards before they hit the floor.

Now that we’ve talked about the safety of axe throwing while pregnant, let’s discuss some tips for making the experience fun and enjoyable.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to throw axes at all.

In fact, most axe throwing facilities offer a variety of other activities for pregnant women such as darts or bowling.

Bowling while pregnant is considered a safe activity. 

These are just as fun and can be done without any risk to your baby!

The second tip is to wear comfortable clothing – even if it’s not fashionable.

Axe throwing will get hot, so make sure you dress appropriately with layers on top.

And finally, bring a water bottle!

There’s nothing worse than being thirsty while trying to hit those bullseyes – trust us :).


Is axe throwing good exercise during pregnancy?

Axe throwing can be a great way to get some exercise, but it’s not for everyone.

It depends on your fitness level and goals.

If you’re just looking for something fun or want an excuse to hang out with friends at the bar, axe throwing might not be the best option since it requires strength in addition to accuracy (which takes practice).

But if those things aren’t important factors then go ahead!

Just remember that there are always other options available too like bowling or darts which don’t require as much physical exertion.


What should I wear to axe throwing while pregnant?

You should wear comfortable clothes.

Dress in layers.

Make sure you wear a shirt or t-shirt that you can comfortably lift your hands over your head.

You don’t want to wear a shirt that is tight or that pulls tight when you lift your arms up.

Axe throwing is a workout so you may get a little sweaty.

Being prepared by dressing in layers you can remove is your best bet for staying comfy.


Is Axe Throwing Strenuous?

Axe throwing can be a little strenuous.

Especially if you are pregnant.

It is a full-body workout.

Axe-throwing uses your arms, chest, core, and even your leg muscles as you throw the axe from above your head.

If you are not an experienced axe-thrower you will be sore after you go axe-throwing.

The axe weighs between 1.5 and 1.75 pounds usually, but we have seen some axe throwing places advertising much heavier axes.

Axe-throwing sessions usually take about 3 hours depending on how many people you have in your party.

Keep that in mind and pace yourself.

Take frequent rest breaks, drink plenty of fluids, and make sure you eat something.

If you start to feel fatigued, dizzy, or nauseous, sit down immediately and rest.

If you are in your first trimester it isn’t unusual to feel tired or to suffer from nausea and vomiting.

Plan on needing some extra rest the next day.

A warm shower or bath can help relieve any soreness you may feel after axe-throwing.



Final Thoughts

We hope this post has helped answer your question: can I go axe throwing while pregnant?

As we’ve said, the best thing to do is ask your doctor before participating in any activity like this one.

Remember to dress in layers, wear closed tow shoes, drink plenty of fluids, rest frequently, and have fun!


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