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7 Toddler Christmas Gifts For Under $20

toddle gifts

Finding toddler Christmas gifts on Amazon for under $20 is easy and fast. You truly can find toddler Christmas gifts and stay within budget. 

When choosing a toy for a toddler, finding something fun and durable is one of our top priorities.

Who doesn’t want to get a toddler the toy he or she can’t put down? However, it is also important to think about the age range of the toys you are considering

Toddlers can become easily frustrated if a toy is too hard to play with. Tantrums and tears can soon follow. We are sharing 7 great toy choices made for toddlers!


7 Toddler Christmas Gifts For Under $20

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Playing is such an important part of toddler development. Age-appropriate toys are a great way to ensure your little one is having fun and learning.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of toys for toddlers:

Sensory skills: seeing, hearing, touch, smell, and taste

Motor skills: fine motor function, gross motor function

Combining these skills leads to the development of advanced skills: creativity, coordination, language, balance, cause-and-effect.

Social skills then develop when sharing toys with others: collaborative play, learning to compromise, social interaction.


7 Toddler Christmas Gifts For Under $20:


1. First Builders Big Building Bagtoddler christmas gifts

toddler christmas gifts

As your child builds structures or simply piles these classic Mega Bloks, she is performing tasks that are rewarding. This helps to build self-confidence.

Your toddler will have hours of fun using this huge bag of Mega Blocks. The 80 large blocks are made in eye-catching primary colors and are made for little hands.

Mega Bloks encourage toddlers to use their imagination.

The blocks are easy to store in an environmental-friendly bag. Ideal for ages one and up.

  • 80 Blocks
  • Develops Creativity and Imagination
  • Combine With Other Mega Bloks Sets


2. LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train 10847 Preschool Toy

toddler christmas gifts


The LEGO DUPLO number train is a great way for your child to learn about numbers and colors.

The Lego Duplo pieces are made in bright colors and are perfect for little hands.

Toddlers love creating different structures that help develop mechanical skills.

  • Locomotive and three wagons
  • Numbered 0-9
  • Safe Construction


3.Liberty Imports Cartoon R/C Race Car Radio Control Toy for Toddlers 

toddler christmas giftstoddler christmas gifts

This radio-controlled racing car is brightly colored.  Through it is an electronic toy, it is durable and made to withstand the play of even the most rambunctious toddlers. It is an excellent way for your child to learn how to play with remote control toys for the very first time.

Remote controlled devices are becoming a huge part of our lives and learning early is a good thing.  It is fast and can drive forward and backward.

Press a switch to beep and play music while the headlights blink. The 2 button controls make driving easy and keep your child captivated!

Features vehicle driver figures that children can position in the car.


4. Inflatable Bouncy Horse/Pony – Animal Hopper Ride-on Seat – Best Gift for Toddlers


toddler christmas giftstoddler christmas gifts


What toddler doesn’t want a pony? Well, the Inflatable Bouncy Horse/Pony might be the next best thing. 

If your child likes to burn off energy, this Animal Hopper may end up being your child’s favorite gift. The foot pump even allows a toddler to fill the toy with air without any dangerous pieces one might find using a bicycle pump.

There is also a sense of accomplishment as your child’s toy comes to life.

This toy is an excellent value for under $20 and might put those other pricey electronic items off to the side for a while.


5. TOP BRIGHT Toddler Toys For 1 2-Year-Old Boy And Girl Gifts Wooden Race Track Car Ramp Racer With 4 Mini Cars


toddler christmas giftstoddler christmas gifts

This toddler toy offers many early childhood development skills for your child. 

Color, numbers, mechanics, visual patterns, and the relationship between cause and effect. Based on customers who have purchased the Wooden Race Track Car Ramp Racer, it is considered a quality product.

This makes for a product that will be handed down for generations to come.


6. Musical Piano Mat 19 Keys Piano Keyboard Playmat Portable Musical Blanket Built-In     

Speaker & Recording Function For Kids Toddler Girls Boys

toddler christmas giftstoddler christmas gifts

Though all toddlers will find this toy amusing for hours-at-a-time, if your child is musically inclined, you might just find something out you didn’t know. There are many toddler Christmas gifts that can help reveal your toddler’s latent talents. 

With toys like this, it is often best to simply set it up and let your child explore so you can observe your child’s creativity.

Everything we buy comes with instructions. However, sometimes it is best to let your children figure things out for themselves unless they become frustrated.

The stimulating colors and sounds of this musical toy are likely to engage your child as soon as you set it up.

7. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Wooden Toy With Mallet

toddler christmas gifts

This toddler workbench is painted in vivid colors. The pegs are non-removable and up and down. There are faces on the pegs playing peekaboo.

Your child will enjoy using motor skills to hammer the pegs and in the process will learn about the relationship between cause and effect.

The toy also helps your toddler develop hand-eye coordination. The product is very durable.

Melissa and Doug’s toys are top quality and last generations.


We hope you found these 7 Toddler Christmas Gifts for $20 helpful!

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The holidays are a common time for money struggles and many people don’t ever talk about it. Thank you!

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