7 Hot Toddler Christmas Gifts For Under $20 [Updated 2019]


7 Toddler Christmas Gifts For Under $20


Trying to find popular toddler Christmas gifts for under $20 can be challenging! We have put together a list of some of the most popular toddler toys that are $20 or less. You can find the perfect gift and stay within any budget!

When shopping for toddler toys, finding something fun and durable is one of our top priorities. We want toys our kids will love and that will last.

Who doesn’t want to get a toddler the toy he or she can’t put down? 

Toddlers can become easily frustrated if a toy is too hard to play with. Tantrums and tears can soon follow. When choosing a Christmas gift for a toddler keep in mind their level of development and the difficulty level of the toy.

Today we are sharing our list of the 7 top Christmas toys made for toddlers!


7 Toddler Christmas Gifts For Under $20 [Updated 2019]


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Playing is such an important part of toddler development. Age-appropriate toys are a great way to ensure your little one is having fun while learning.

As parents, we have a tendency to push our children. Though there are circumstances where this can be helpful for older children,  encouraging your toddler to play with a toy that is too advanced might seem like a good idea, but more often than not, this will lead to frustration and temper tantrums.

Toddlers interpret their world through the ongoing development of the basic senses (listed below). For your child to learn, it is necessary to allow your toddler to discover, create and explore.

Benefits of selecting the right toy for your toddler:

Develops sensory skills:

  • seeing
  • hearing
  • touch
  • smell
  • taste

Develops motor skills:

  • fine motor function
  • gross motor function

The integration of sensory and motor skills leads to the development of advanced skills. Essentially any skill is comprised of a combination of the primary sensory and motor skills.

  • creativity
  • coordination
  • language
  • balance
  • cause-and-effect.

Social skills then develop when sharing toys with others.  Skills such as:

  • collaborative play
  • learning to compromise
  • social interaction.


7 Toddler Christmas Gifts For Under $20:


1. First Builders Big Building Bag

As your child builds structures or simply piles these classic Mega Bloks, she is performing tasks that are rewarding. This helps to build self-confidence.

Your toddler will have hours of fun using this huge bag of Mega Blocks. The 80 large blocks are made in eye-catching primary colors and are made for little hands.

Mega Bloks encourage toddlers to use their imagination.

The blocks are easy to store in an environmental-friendly bag. Ideal for ages one and up.

  • 80 Blocks
  • Develops Creativity and Imagination
  • Combine With Other Mega Bloks Sets


2. Learning Resources Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog

Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog great way for your child to learn about numbers, colors, and sorting all while developing their fine motor skills.

The pieces are made in bright colors and are perfect for little hands.

Toddlers love this toy! Makes an excellent travel toy for flights or long drives.

You can read the reviews and check the price on Amazon here.


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3.Lego Duplo Town Truck and Excavator

The Duplo Lego town dump truck and excavator are a top choice of ours for toddler Christmas gifts under $20!

  • Toddlers will love these toy construction vehicles from LEGO DUPLO!
  • They can dig into their imaginations as they use the toy dump truck and excavator to build a LEGO town of their dreams
  • This Lego Duplo construction toy has an excavator and a dump truck, 2 construction workers, a roadwork sign and a shovel
  • 500+ reviews, over 90% of buyers give it 5 stars!

4. LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train 10847 Preschool Toy

The LEGO DUPLO number train is a great way for your child to learn about numbers and colors.

The Lego Duplo pieces are made in bright colors and are perfect for little hands.

Toddlers love creating different structures that help develop mechanical skills.

  • Locomotive and three wagons
  • Numbered 0-9
  • Safe Construction


5. Kinetic Sand, Castle Containers 10-Color Pack

Kinetic sand is one of our favorite fillers for sensory bins! 

  • 10 colors included
  • Mix, mold, squish, cut & more!
  • Offers endless sensory play opportunities for your toddler
  • Non-toxic, gluten & casein free.


6. Melissa & Doug Slice-and-Bake Wooden Cookie Play Food Set

The Melissa & Doug Slice and Bake Wooden Cookie Play Foot Set include:

  • 12 sliceable cookies,
  • 12 toppings, knife, spatula, cookie sheet, and kitchen mitt.
  • Cookies store in a durable dough tube.
  • The slice and bake pretend food inspires children ages 3 and up pretend to bake, decorate, and serve cookies, all while practicing fine motor skills, learning number concepts, and more.




7. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Wooden Toy With Mallet

This toddler workbench is painted in vivid colors. The pegs are non-removable and up and down. There are faces on the pegs playing peekaboo.

Your child will enjoy using motor skills to hammer the pegs and in the process will learn about the relationship between cause and effect.

The toy also helps your toddler develop hand-eye coordination. The product is very durable.

Melissa and Doug’s toys are top quality and last generations.



We hope you found these 7 Toddler Christmas Gifts for $20 helpful!

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The holidays are a common time for money struggles and many people don’t ever talk about it. Thank you!

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