17 Best Ever Christmas Advent Calendars For Toddlers [2021]

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Updated November 13, 2021

Today we are sharing 17 Christmas Advent calendars for toddlers!

Start a holiday tradition your young family will love and treasure for a lifetime.

The Advent Calendars we have chosen are some of the most popular Christmas calendars for toddlers.

They capture the joy and anticipation children experience as the Christmas holiday gets a little closer with each passing day.

This is a simple holiday activity you can do with your toddler that encourages their creativity, fine motor skills, and pro-social development. 

The most important thing to remember when purchasing a countdown calendar is to purchase one early.

The calendars are very popular and often sell out quickly.


7 Popular Advent Calendars For Toddlers


It is best to buy one as soon as they become available.

The Christmas countdown calendars start on December 1st, so you will want to purchase one early in November if they are available.


advent calendars for toddlers



17 Christmas Advent Calendars for Toddlers:


1. LEGO City Advent Calendar 60303 Building Kit, New 2021

  • New 2021 Edition
  • Minifigures
  • Small Building Toys
  • Christmas Countdown Calendar for Kids
  • 349 Pieces
  • Best-seller

Building the LEGO City Advent Calendar is a tradition we have loved as a family for over a decade. The LEGO City Advent Calendar for 2021 will have your toddler anticipating what awaits them behind the next door as Christmas gets one day closer. Yes, the calendar does include a door to be opened each day!

The LEGO City Advent Calendar 60303  (349 piece set) offers 24 buildable presents that will delight your toddler each day of the holiday season.

It provides you an opportunity to introduce your child to the season of advent and countdown the days until Christmas with an activity that is engaging, educational, and fun!

This Christmas advent calendar comes bursting with mini-figures from the Lego TV series! Santa clause is an included mini-figure is this set.

All of your toddler’s favorites are including Top Hat Tom and a Duke DeTain Snowman!

The calendar has a fold-down winter scene for displaying and playing with the mini-figures.

If your child loves Legos, then the 2021 LEGO city advent calendar will be a sure winner!



2. LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 75307 For 2021

  • 24 Gifts to discover each day
  • Collectible Holiday toys
  • Your toddler will love opening the doors and finding their favorite star wars characters dressed for the holidays!
  • BABY YODA included
  • 335 pieces

Lego Star Wars has a NEW Advent Calendar out for 2021!

Let the Star Wars gang help your toddler countdown to Christmas!

This action-packed Christmas 2021 advent calendar gives your child a new holiday star wars gift each day.

There are 24 new gifts in total which will surely keep your child busy and in anticipation of the next day’s activities.

Each new day and a new gift will expand your child’s creativity and imagination as they build a new mini-figure from the Mandorlorian season 2!

These Star Wars mini-figures are waiting for your child to take them on an exciting holiday-themed mission.

If your toddler is a Star Wars fan this advent calendar is for them!

We added this adorable Baby Yoda coloring activity book for our kids to keep them entertained on busy days or snow days before Christmas!




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3. PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar – Santa’s Workshop

Christmas Advent Calendar Countdown


  • Santa’s Workshop
  • Help Santa load his sleigh and deliver Christmas presents
  • 24 Surprise toys. One for each day!

Your Toddler will love the PLAYMOBIL advent calendar-Santa’s workshop! Let your child’s imagination run free in the North Pole this Christmas season.

They will help the elves get ready for Christmas with 24 gifts each day! Items including sleigh, workbench, slide, bike. 4 mini-figures, reindeer, and an electric lantern!

Get your family in the holiday spirit and ready for Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve!

A cute Christmas addition to this advent calendar is the PLAYMOBIL Nativity Stable with Manger.


4. PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar – Horse Farm

  • Horse farm
  •  24 Gifts for each day leading up to Christmas
  • Spend time caring for horses on the farm

Do you have a budding horse and farm-loving toddler? This is the Christmas advent calendar for them! Your toddler will have so much fun with the Playmobil Advent Calendar-Horse Farm.  

The calendar has foals, a horse, a cat, and ponies for your child to care for on the farm.


5.  Melissa & Doug Countdown to Christmas Wooden Advent Calendar

Christmas Advent Calendar Make Your Own

  •  Magnetic Tree
  •  25 Magnets
  •  Holiday poem on the back

Melissa and Doug’s toys are known for their quality and durability. This advent calendar is no exception.

This wooden calendar makes an attractive house ornament and can be used year after year.

Over time it will likely become a family heirloom associated with many family memories.

Each day, as Christmas approaches, you can add another accent piece to the Mantel.

The pieces within the Christmas advent calendar are also constructed to help your child learn about numbers and colors.

What better way to help your children learn to count than to have them countdown (or up) the days remaining until Christmas.

In the same way, let your child separate the presents into piles of red and green.

Why not take advantage of the numbers and colors associated with the Christmas holiday. Incorporating activities into everyday life is a great way to foster early childhood development.

Another game is to collect the ornaments that have been opened and ask your child to tell you which one is missing.

It is never to early to use games like this to expand memory and recall skills.

This Christmas advent calendar goes together great with the Melissa & Doug Santa’s Sleigh Wooden Chunky Puzzle (9 pcs), which is perfect for toddlers!

Help put together Santa’s Christmas Eve ride. A perfect companion to the Melissa & Doug Advent calendar.

Another fun option to pair with the calendar is the Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Christmas Ornaments set.

This comes with two ornaments to paint and the paint and brushes are included.

It says for ages 8+, but many of the reviews were from parents of toddlers who said their toddlers loved painting the ornaments.

It looks like a fun activity to do together as a family.


6. Hot Wheels 2021 Advent Calendar with 24 Surprise

  • 2021 edition
  • Flip down front playmat
  • 24 surprises for each day of Advent
  • Encourages exploration and storytelling

Toddlers will love this interactive Hot Wheels Advent Calendar.

Hot Wheels are known for its well-made toys and this calendar is no exception.

There is a good reason this is a popular choice for 2021.

The calendar features 24 doors that contain a gift for each day.

The front of the box can be used to create a snowy day scene playmat.

This Christmas advent calendar is a great choice if you have other hot wheel cars playsets!

We love this advent calendar because it encourages toddlers to use their fine motor skills, creativity, and storytelling ability.



7. Fisher-Price Little People Advent Calendar

Christmas Advent Calendars


  • Open a door every day to find something new for holiday play!
  • Start on December 1st and end on December 24th
  • Advent Calendar includes 24 Fisher-Price Little People friends & holiday-themed accessories
  • Check out the many other Fisher-Price Little People Products.

This Christmas advent calendar allows your toddler to create a complete Christmas playset one item at a time.

This contributes to creative and imaginative skills and helps develop fine motor skills.

Let your child simply configure the daily surprise however she wants.

Giving your children the freedom to play with toys with no specific goal in mind can tell a lot about what most interests them.

In addition, parents can learn what level of understanding and compassion a child has toward people, and animals and can learn from imaginative stories that will develop.

This calendar will also help your toddler develop fine motor skills and introduce your child to numbers and colors,

The anticipation and possibly having to share with other siblings will also offer opportunities to observe social skills which can lead to teaching young children how to play collaboratively and respect other’s needs.

The calendar goes well with the Fisher-Price Little People A Christmas Story set!

This set comes with a complete nativity scene and helps teach the story to toddlers on a level they can understand.

Toddlers will love acting out the story and it really is a way to bring the meaning and spirit of Christmas into your home.

Pair it with the Fisher-Price Little People: Christmastime Is Here! board book.

This is a Fisher Pricelist the flap book full of Christmas surprises and activities your toddler will love.


Thomas &


Even More Toddler Advent Calendar Ideas!! 


8. Thomas & Friends Fisher-Price Advent Calendar


  • Includes 24 MINIS engines each with its own special design
  • Includes 6 Special Edition MINIS trains in Christmas-themed designs
  • Advent Calendar-style packaging with doors that open to reveal “gifts”

Thomas & Friends Christmas Advent calendar is a great choice for toddler who loves trains!

The Thomas & Friends Calendar comes with 24 MINI gifts each day. Celebrate Christmas on the Island of Sodor.

This calendar goes great with the Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway, Santa’s Workshop.

Bring the North Pole to Sodur and hours of fun for your child!

Trains are very popular among toddlers. Looking ahead your child might even take a liking to trains as a hobby for years to come.

Trains played a very significant role in American history from the industrial revolution to the modern day.

There is another perk for parents if your child starts a hobby at an early age.

You will never be at a loss of what to buy for your child’s birthday and holidays.

This can lead to themed parties and can strengthen your child’s self-esteem as she becomes an “authority” on the topic.

This can further lead to easier times when deciding on school projects and science fairs.

There is no question, some children, at a very early age, show an interest in a particular toy or activity.

Fostering these interests can help your child focus on what interests her the most.

This is not a new concept. Many times those who achieve success in a career will often state that their interests developed at a very early age.

At an age when the interest was intrinsic and not forced upon them.

Kick-off the season by watching Thomas & Friends: Santa’s Little Engine.

In this cute classic Christmas tale, Thomas saves the day and helps guide Santa and his sleigh into Sodor for the Christmas celebration!


9.  Crayola Christmas Countdown Calendar

  • Each numbered door on the Christmas Advent calendar reveals a Crayola product.
  • 24 Holiday crafts for your children.
  • Your toddler will be able to create Christmas presents and decorations throughout the month of December.


Is your toddler a dinosaur lover? This is Advent calendar is perfect for boys and girls who LOVE dinosaurs!

10. Purple Ladybug Novelty Dinosaur Toys Advent Calendar

Is your toddler a dinosaur lover? This is Advent calendar is perfect for boys and girls who LOVE dinosaurs!


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Are you looking for fun outdoor winter activities for toddlers? We are sharing the most popular outside winter play ideas for toddlers! Toddlers NEED to get outside to burn off excess energy and move their bodies. Outdoor play is essential to healthy toddler development.

11. Lego FRIENDS Advent Calendar

Strictly Briks Classic Big Briks 96 Piece Set 100% Compatible with All Major Brands | Tower Construction | Large Pegs for Toddlers | Ages 3+ | Building Bricks & Baseplates | Basic Colors

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12. Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

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13.  D-FantiX Kids Christmas Advent Calendar 2021

Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck with Extendable 2'. Tall Ladder, for Ages 3 & Up

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14. Byers Choice Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, 7" Display, 16 GB, Blue Kid-Proof Case

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More popular 2021 Advent Calendars



FUN LITTLE TOYS Christmas Advent Calendar 2021 with 24 Pcs Pull Back Cars Toys for Toddlers




DIY Fill Your Own Toddler Advent Calendars

One of our favorite places to shop for unique gifts and toys is Etsy! Here are three Advent calendars that are not toys, but are family keepsakes!

You can easily make an Advent Calendar with Christmas fabric (Christmas/winter flannel sheets are a great option), clothespins, twine, and fabric glue, or a hot glue gun.


15.  Farmhouse style toddler Christmas countdown calendar

You can fill each day with anything you’d like! It also makes a beautiful garland for above your fireplace!


Advent Calendar Kids Christmas Advent Christmas Calendar
Advent Calendar Kids Christmas Advent Christmas Calendar


16.  Hand-made toddler Christmas calendar

This is an heirloom-quality handmade limited edition advent calendar!

There are 25 boxes that are the perfect size for a piece of candy or small toy.

Christmas Advent Calendar for Kids Countdown to Christmas
Christmas Advent Calendar for Kids Countdown to Christmas


17. Personalized Christmas countdown calendar

Your toddler will enjoy it for years to come!


Personalized advent calendar for kids Reusable advent
Personalized advent calendar for kids Reusable advent


Final Thoughts

Today we have shared 17 + Christmas Advent calendars for your toddler.

The toddler years are the perfect time to start holiday traditions your family will grow up loving and anticipating every year. 

We included calendars that can be kept and re-used year after year to the delight of your whole family!

Here are several other toddler posts you may find helpful!